Stoppers and nozzles in ferrous metal flow configurations

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Choosing the right design and quality of stoppers and nozzles in ferrous metal flow configurations

Foseco offers a complete range of graphite containing stoppers and nozzles for iron and steel foundries.

The importance of choosing the right design of the geometry and the right quality is often not in the focus of the user and can lead to bad pouring results, leakages or clogging effects and therefore to disruptions in the castings process.

Factors to consider are:

  • Preheating practice
  • Quality of metal
  • Cleaning practices
  • Castings speed
  • Weight of the casting

A water model will show the influence of a used stopper in the casting process compared to a new one. Furthermore, Foseco will show different kind of stoppers and nozzles to explain the importance of this topic.

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