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StrikoWesthofen - New holding and treatment furnace

...for a wide range of different requirements in the casting and recycling processes

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The new StrikoWestofen HR - T 10,000/500 with ramp, with hydraulic tilt control

The StrikoWestofen Group, a global market leader in the area of melting, holding and dosing technology for mold-based aluminum casting, was able to expand its activities in the field of aluminum recycling even in a challenging economic environment.

In addition to the tried and tested range of shaft melting furnaces and dosing units, aluminum chip melting plants are already successfully established in the market, either as pure chip melting furnaces for aluminum chips or shaft melting furnaces combined with chip melting technology.

To meet the demands of aluminum recycling, the new range of holding and alloy furnaces of the H(R) - T type is now being added. These units have a holding capacity of 8,000 to 20,000 kg of aluminum alloy without a melting shaft. Because of its modular design, the H(R) - T is available with or without a melting ramp.

This type of system is used for holding aluminum alloys which have been melted in separate large melting units or rotary drum furnaces and for composition adjustment of alloys and controlled casting of liquid metal in launder systems or continuous casting machines.

The first melting and casting unit has been developed for a customer in Turkey in partnership with KMF Maschinenfabriken of Villach/Austria. Other projects are currently in preparation. One of the product divisions of KMF - Maschinenfabriken manufactures rotary drum furnaces which feature a melting procedure with a low salt and oxide content. Low temperature carbonization gases released from the melting of contaminated materials are subsequently burnt directly in the rotary drum furnace. The continually monitored furnace atmosphere guarantees the highest possible yield. Recycling material such as aluminum scrap, aluminum chips and dross is melted in a rotary drum furnace in an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient way. The liquid aluminum is fed via a launder system to the HR - T 10,000/500 holding/alloy furnace supplied by StrikoWestofen, in order to carry out possible analysis corrections and to store the metal.

In the aforementioned case, the furnace is equipped as a HR - T type with a melting ramp which allows great flexibility of operation. Here, the required alloying elements are preheated with a burner which is mounted above the ramp before they go into solution. It is also possible to melt up to 500 kg of aluminum ingots per hour on the ramp. Porous plugs are installed in the bottom of the holding area and have a threefold effect:

  • Good mixing of the alloying elements with the liquid aluminum
  • High temperature stability throughout the bath area
  • Degassing and cleaning of the alloy

Once the metal samples taken from the plant meet the required alloy specification, the plant is tilted by means of the hydraulic unit which is equipped with a proportional valve. Continuous casting of the liquid metal then takes place, in the abovementioned case onto an ingot casting conveyor. The system can also be used for the production of billets and rolling slabs.

Aluminum recycling is becoming increasingly important even for casting foundries. The cost of raw materials can be significantly reduced, as well as the material logistics expenditure.

The StrikoWestofen Group views the cooperation with KMF - Maschinenfabriken as another opportunity for offering an even wider range of solutions to support modern foundries in the optimization and simplification of their processes. This is based on the continuous development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly leading-edge technologies. This is what both companies stand for.

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