Students from the Foundry Institute of RWTH Aachen University on a field trip to the HA CoC

To gain new practical knowledge and to produce a prototype themselves, the students from the Foundry Institute of RWTH Aachen University visited the HA Center of Competence. With the active support of the HA team on site, the young professionals were not only able to successfully realise their project, but also to deepen their knowledge.

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Offering future specialists access to state-of-the-art technology to test theoretical knowledge in practice and to get to know the processes of casting production in a practical way - this is an essential part of the work at the HA Center of Competence.

Recently, the HA Center of Competence welcomed students from the Foundry Institute of RWTH Aachen University, who realised an interesting project during their two-day excursion.

For a specialisation subject, the students had planned to design and simulate a casting system for a steering housing. This was then printed on site with the 3D printer and then casted.

The steering box will later be used in the annual Formula Student Germany construction competition, in which students have to design, manufacture and market an innovative racing car.

David Hein, Product Manager Foundry Coatings HA, Peter Heß, Head of Technical Service HA and Klaus Jenrich, Product Manager Cold-Box HA gave important information to the students about the simulation and casting process, as well as about the different types of sand, binders and coatings and helped with the implementation of the project.

Together, the prototype was successfully completed using the additive manufacturing process. In the evening, a relaxed exchange took place over a joint meal.

During their field trip, the students were not only able to visit the modern HA Center of Competence with the active support of HA employees, but also to tackle the project themselves and apply their knowledge in practice.

The excursion from RWTH was also an important and interesting opportunity for the HA team to exchange knowledge with young talents. HA has always focused on close cooperation with research and science.