Successful start for the 60th IFC in Portoroz 2020

President Mirjam Jan-Blazic welcomes 166 participants and 40 exhibiting companies

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

Just a few minutes after the opening, it was clear to all participants: this is what and has been missing for so long, we want to exchange ideas, talk to each other, laugh and look into the eyes, and keep our distance until things get back to normal.

I was curious what it would be like to meet many acquaintances from the industry again personally: It was great!

The foundry conference in Portoroz has always been something special, the 60th anniversary already enjoys an exceptional position: The first international event with participants in Europe after the lockdown.

In May, Mirjam Jan-Blazic and her team decided to go ahead with the event if possible.

So far, you have been rewarded for your courage. The feeling for the event is there again, hygiene measures are largely accepted and the participants treat each other with consideration.

Obviously we learned to live with the pandemic! Good luck and good luck for the anniversary event in Portoroz!

The event's hosts expressed their warm and sincere welcome to the traditional international foundry conferece in Portoroz, which this year is particularly important as it is the 60th celebration.

This year's conference complete with a foundry exhibition will be held under the slogan:

"Tradition and Future"

The 60-year long road was filled with ups, but also some downs. Adter last year's especially successful event where the 59th IFC was held together with the WFO - Technical Forum, this year brings difficulties due to the pandemic changing the world and how the industry meets since March.

THe Slovenian Foundrymen Society, under the patronage of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - the Department of Materials and Metallurgy, recognized six decades ago that Slovenian foundrymen must open to the world and connect with related associations, universities and institutes. Other European countries also recognized the need for cooperation - the exchange of scientific and technical achievements in the foundry industry. The first conference in Portoroz in 1963 saw the participation of lecturers from VDG Düsseldorf (Germany), ÖGI (Leoben, Austria), Georg Fischer Schaffhausen (Switzerland), and Statny vyskumny materialu (Brno, Czech.).

The foundry industry of today is based on the knowledge, creativity, innovation and the production of complex foundry products as intergral elements of international supply chains. At this year's jubilee international conference, 42 lectures will be given that will in the widest sense possible summarize the topics of development of the entire foundry sector from process optimization, production digitisation and integration of additive technologies to material research and new technological solutions.

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