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Taste of Aluminium in IIAC2009

The Middle East countries have always been of interest to energy consuming industries like aluminium industry due to their huge resources of energy. Based on this fact, different countries in the Middle East are constructing or plan to build various new small and big aluminium plants. Nowadays, Middle East accounts for 7 percent of 38 million tpy production of primary aluminium in the world. With plants of under construction or design this figure is expected to hit more than 10 percent of global production till 2020. The downstream sector of aluminium industry in the region has also experienced sharp growing in various fields like construction, transportation and packaging industry.

Iran in Middle East bears some significant advantages for foreign investment in this section. Enormous gas and oil reserves (second largest gas reserve in the world), access to free waters via several large seaports besides sophisticated working force are on the top of the list to justify the investment in any scale. Currently, Iran produces 286 thousands tpy of primary aluminium. According to designed program, it is going to reach 900 thousands tpy in the next year. Such a rate of growth will naturally lead to the appearance of companies producing semi-finished and finished products. It will also provide the aluminium required for sharply growing industry of automotive manufacturing in Iran.
Necessity of acquainting the Iran’s aluminium industry with latest scientific and technological advancements encouraged Iranian officials to organize Iran International Aluminium Conference, IIAC2009, as the largest event to collect scholars and industrials all over the world to discuss about all aspects of production, processing, fabrication, structure/property relationships and engineering applications of aluminium. 
IIAC2009 will be held in Olympic hotel in Tehran on 22nd-23rd April by Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and Iran Aluminium Research Center (IARC).  Iran Aluminium Company (Iralco) and Almahdi Aluminium Corporation are the golden sponsors of IIAC2009.

A unique exhibition has been also arranged to international companies who seek to tighten their bonds with Iranian peers as well as for local companies whose aim is working with the latest technologies.  Several professional workshops are to be held on 20th -21st before the conference dates in the Iran University of Science and Technology. In these courses, IIAC2009 participants will benefit from the presence of several honorable professors from all over the world.

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