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TATA Motors gets orders for 300 World Trucks

TATA Motors' World Truck range has received 300 bookings from three operators in the steel sector with deliveries scheduled in three months.

Its offerings now are a 40 and 49 tonne tractor trailer with plans to move into the lower tonnage segments in due course. This fiscal may see two more products on the World Truck platform.

The World Truck ranges from 10 to 75 tonne include multi axle trucks, tractor trailers, tippers, mixers and special application vehicles.

Mr R Ramakrishnan vice president sales of TATA Motors said that the company is now focusing on creating an environment conducive to the marketing of the range.

TATA Motors is also prioritizing an awareness program, driver training and customer support network before pushing sales. Since last September, when the Prima series was launched, sales have totaled 100 units.

Mr Ramakrishnan said that “We are engaging with operators in different sectors creating awareness of the product and offering driver training. This is a more sophisticated truck which emphasizes productivity, operating economy and driver comfort. Customers now need to get familiar with the vehicle.”

TATA Motors, along with TATA Steel, began test marketing the Prima range among operators in the steel segment. Plans are under way to include other sectors such as cement, construction and car carriers. Another group company, TATA International DLT makes the World Truck trailers especially those specific to each industrial application.

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