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TATA Motors halts production at Jamshedpur plant for 3 days

PTI reported that TATA Motors will halt production at its block here for 3 days from November 29th 2012, following poor demand.

Confirming the development, a TATA Motors spokesperson said that the block closure had been planned keeping in mind the weak demand of commercial vehicles.

A company spokesman said that “We do not want inventory pile up at the dealers’ end and wanted to adjust our production as per demand.”

Mr Chandrabhan Singh general secretary of Telco Workers Union said that the block closure was undertaken as a precautionary as well as cost control measure in view of slump in demand caused by the prevailing slow down.

Mr Singh said that the company had produced 5,000 units of vehicles last month against general production figure of 10,000 units per month. He said no production had taken place after November 26th.

This is the third block closure undertaken by the company this year including the 3 day closure observed early this month from November 12th -14th.

Source - PTI

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