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TCT Tesic: A Look back at 2018, the Outlook for 2019, and our Stand at the GIFA

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Dear Customers, Partners and foundry Friends,

We would like to thank you again for a very successful year and joyous anniversary celebration.

25th Anniversary
We are still glowing from the numerous congratulations and warm words we received.

Fact is, without our customers, partners and foundry friends and their trust, we would not be where we are today. Also important for this success are the employees who always stand behind the company as a team. Without Zoran Tesic none of it would be possible - he has always been able to motivate with his entrepreneurial visions and his determination.

Expansion: used aluminum foundry plants
Last January, we had a stand at the EuroGuss in Nuremberg for the first time and were thus able to establish important contacts for the trade in used aluminum equipment. The first projects are already in planning.

Worldwide trade in used foundry equipment (Foundry Marketing)
Challenging orders in our marketing area:

  • DISA Molding Plant disassembled in France and exported to India
  • Disassembly plant in the UK dismantled and exported to India
  • Disassembly of a complete foundry in Austria
  • Sale of 2 MF crucible kilns (Otto Junker) to Germany
  • Complete HWS molding line disassembled in Switzerland and exported to India

Foundry Services
Continuous development in the field of foundry services:

  • We are proud to announce that DISA has commissioned us to repair a DISA 2013. The plant will be electrically connected and tested in our factory in Iserlohn (without sand, of course). Further cooperation is sought
  • New customer acquisition including well-known car manufacturers
  • New production of cooling jackets in the induction furnace area for well-known manufacturers
  • Increase in preventive maintenance work on induction melting furnaces
  • Continuous increase of new production of crucible furnace coils
  • Shortly before the end of the year, things got hectic again, when an oven detonated at Schmolz and Bickenbach. Immediately, a TCT team was on hand. Within 3 weeks, the furnace was ready for use again and the smelting operation was successfully resumed.

ISO 9001 certification
We have reached another goal. Since 2018 we are DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Outlook for 2019 and GIFA
We are all a foundry family. The future of our customers is closely linked with the future of TCT. That's why we are already looking forward to your visit at our booth 17 / B57 at the GIFA in Düsseldorf.

Company Info

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