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TCT-Tesic & BMW: Moulding assets dismantled in record time and shipped to India

New production line at BMW – up to now: aluminium casting parts, in future: hydraulic parts

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TCT-Tesic dismantled a moulding asset with a sand conditioning for cast aluminium at BMW in Landshut in a - for these circumstances - astonishing record time and brought it on its way to India. The dismantling-team only had 15 days to disassemble the asset sections. It had to be done very carefully and  without any accident and arranged into 40 feet-containers.

The destination was Bangalore, South-India, also famous for IT-industry.

From 2011 onwards there will be produced hydraulic parts in gray iron.

At the place of producing cast aluminium parts for cars on the Heinrich-Wagner-Sinto (HWS)-moulding asset (type EFA) BMW will produce valves in the future.

Therefore the old assets, which included a Seiatsu moulding asset, a core setting area, a shifter and cooling line, a knock-out grid and the Eirich- sand conditioning asset had to be dismantled completely without any damages.

In the beginning of July 2010 Zoran Tesic, the owner of TCT Tesic in Iserlohn, Germany, got notice of the scheduled sale of these assets. He only had three weeks to find a new customer for it. The condition for the sale was the proper dismantling of the moulding assets in less then three weeks up to the 12. September, because this was the date BMW needed the place to built up other assets.

The dimensions of these assets made it a big challenge. On the one hand there was finding the right customer within this short time, on the other hand was the promise of dismantling everything in such a short time.

Under strict observation of safety rules two dismantling-teams started their work for TCT-Tesic end of August.

To keep the production interception on the assembly line as short as possible, it stopped very shortly before the dismantling. In the meantime all  the components of the assets were numbered and catalogued for the later reconstruction in India.

Because the old moulding assets will be operated in Bangalore, India, there were two Indian representatives of the buyer at BMW during the extensive dismantling.

At 28. August 2010 both teams started with a total of 15 assembling-specialists. At 13. September the whole asset was decomposed and put into the containers so BMW could start with their work for the new casting-machines just in time.

In India, at the new location of the HWS-moulding plant, there will arise a new greenfield-foundry for producing hydraulic-parts till 2011. Also the old moulding-assets, which were disassembled at Landshut, will be changed to gray iron.

Due to the change from aluminium to gray iron in the future, the cooling time will become longer and other types of flasks will be needed as well.

The necessary changeover is already scheduled and will be done directly at Bangalore, India. While reconstructing TCT-Tesic will in charge of the process. The new hall is already designed for the cooling line, which is now four times longer.

The producer of this asset, Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) was completely implied into the project and he will take over the launching.

With this project, TCT-Tesic showed again, that they stand for foundry-assets in good used conditions worldwide and that they can guarantee complete service to the full satisfaction of sellers and buyers.


Autor: Mr. Alexander Mayerhofer

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