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Confidence in used foundry plants

To invest in used foundry plant will always be a matter of trust. Because of the margin of uncertainty which sometimes can exist with this type of equipment it is vitally important for purchasers to feel confident that they have a reliable partner who can offer value for money in terms of the functionality and condition of the plants.

Since it was established by its owner Zoran Tesic, in 1993, TCT Tesic has focused its attention on achieving customer confidence and satisfaction through its competence and insistence on quality, which has established a sound reputation when working with both sellers and buyers of used plant.

Located in the heart of the German foundry industry, at Iserlohn, in the Ruhr area, TCT´s operations divide into two main areas consisting of Foundry Marketing, which deals with sales of used plant, and Foundry Services which undertakes full servicing and repairs of induction melting furnaces.

Services provided by Foundry Marketing operate on a worldwide basis and are backed up by comprehensive support facilities. These have been developed to the point where they allow the company to undertake a full range of activities from acquisition and dismantling of plant through to final installation and commissioning. Work undertaken can vary from simple, stand alone machines to much larger turnkey installations.


In many cases this can require the full spectrum of TCT´s services starting with consultancy and then moving on to sorting out logistics of the project and making the best use of the extensive engineering facilities and skills available through the company.

If required, TCT can provide training of personnel and call in the expertise of its foundry engineering partners to undertake foundry planing and provide specialist technical know how.

A particular benefit of this complete type of service is that the customer is only dealing with one company instead of many different ones. As a result of its well established position within the foundry industry, the ability to source a wide choice of equipment is an important part of the TCT business operations.

Typical of the type of used plant offered by the company are automatic and semi automatic moulding lines, induction melting furnaces and green sand preparation plants. Also within the portfolio of plant handled by the company are items such as coreshop equipment, shotblast machines, dust extraction and dry filter plants and laboratory equipment for a range of different foundry

As the other principal activity of TCT, Foundry Services complements the used plant business and is equipped to offer a full spread of services for modernising and refurbishing all makes of induction melting furnaces.
These can be carried out either as an on site operations or undertaken in the TCT workshop in Iserlohn.

his can consist of repairing complete furnaces or component parts such as coils, inductors or water cooled power cables. This includes the capacity to manufacture high quality spare parts for the existing induction crucible furnaces, induction channel furnaces, chamber heating systems and ingot heating plants.

outside TCT Tesic company

inside the production facility

furnace in australia

furnace in Australia

the same furnace at the TCT site

furnace before being repaired                    and after            

furnaces with DISA 2 in England         furnaces with DISA 1

furnace with DISA in England

furnaces with DISA 2



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