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tebicon: Competitive in a high-wage location

Consultancy for the modelbuilding, mold construction and tool shop

Comparison to the competition
Comparison to the competition: Is the dark line outside the orange industry mean the strength can be recognized is the line within the weaknesses.
The recording of the workflows

The recording of the workflows and the potentials takes place at the basis where it is dealt with on a daily bases.

Graphic presentation and validation of process chain
Graphic presentation and validation of process chain: With the help of a traffic light system it can fairly easy be identified which workflows are value adding and which are in need of optimization.

If a modelbuilding, mold construction and tool shop wants to stay competitive in Germany the executives have to provide answers for three questions:

How much can we increase our efficiency with the given resources, what do we have to do in order to achieve this and where are we positioned in comparison to the competition?

The Tebicon performance analysis (TPA) offers answers precisely to these three questions. Thereby a sustainable measure catalog is derived with the aim to improve the efficiency. The average effort lies between 8-10 days and depends on the size of the company as well as the number of departments that are analyzed.

At the focal point of the analysis is the organization furthermore the workflows with the involved staff along with the machines. Thereby the Tebicon pursue the philosophy not only to question the management but chiefly the staff which firsthand participates in the process, for instance the man at the machine, the design engineer or the programmer.

As a result potentials surface which increase the effectiveness and furthermore can reduce cost.

The outcomes for the executives are: Answers to the posed questions moreover founded and with benefits highlighted providing options for sustainable efficiency and quality intensification.

Through the analysis the priorities for the realization are predetermined.

The approach of the TPA is structured in three parts. In a first step a rating matrix enables the analyzed company to be ranked in a benchmark database. It gives information about the question where the company is positioned in comparison to the competition. The benchmark rests on a database of more than one hundred analysis in the past five years.

Secondly the different workings of the staff and the essential workflows for the primary and secondary processing time of the machine are in depth examined in order to get a picture of the existing potentials as well as the effectiveness of the company. Thereby is determined how much increase in efficiency is achievable with the given resources.

In the third step the process chain is split up into single workflows. The workflows are pictured and with the help of a traffic light system evaluated according to value adding, non value adding but necessary and in need of optimization. With this analysis one can fairly quick identify where action is needed and where not.

On the bases of the TPA findings an analysis of the present potentials is erected and therefore identified where and how much increase in efficiency is achievable.

Actions are derived and/or investments suggested which are crucial for the realization of the potentials.

In a presentation on-site the management is confronted with the present the situation and potential outlook. The recommendation offers necessary actions in order to corporately develop, sustainably improve as well as staying competitive in the future.

Together with the responsible personnel the future concept plus the needed actions are erected and finally approved. If there are investments to be made in order to realize the potentials a return on investment (ROI) calculation is made to secure it.

With the realization of the TPA results usually the companies gain a significant reduction of approximately 17% in product lead time and a minimization of approximately 14% in machine down time.

For example in a recent case of a medium size tool shop the time savings made up for 300.000€ per annual.

The challenge for the swift realization of the potentials and thus an enhancement in competitive ability is a measurable and goal-oriented implementation within a defined period of time.

During the implementation the Tebicon GmbH stands aside the company as a project manager. The potentials will be realized through the combination of the consultancy approach and a profound practical knowledge despite the company's daily business.

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