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Teknomotive 2011: Focus on materials, technologies and subcontracting for sustainable transport

From 20 to 22 October at the Fiera di Brescia

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Two major players of the Italian trade fair system - Alfin-Edimet Spa and Brixia Expo-Fiera di Brescia - have joined forces to put Teknomotive on track, the only Italian exhibition at an international level dedicated to materials, technologies and subcontracting for the transport industry. The event, which will be held at the Fiera di Brescia from 20 to 22 October 2011, will be the showcase for raw materials, parts and semifinished products, models and prototypes, technologies, systems and equipment for the design, processing, finishing, inspection and parts assembly for the automotive, commercial and industrial transport, rail, marine, aviation and special vehicles sectors.

Teknomotive, that is supported also by Camozzi and Cromodora Wheels, is intended for producers of materials (metals and alloys, polymers and composites), semi-finished products and parts, machinery, systems, equipment and products, models, dies, software, and also for design and engineering firms, machine-shops, testing and control certification laboratories, and finishing treatment companies. Divided into four major categories - steel, aluminium, other materials, and technologies - the event will give particular prominence to high-tech materials and their specific applications: ferrous and non ferrous metals, special steels, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys for foundry and processing applications, special cast irons, composites and special plastics. The event will give the highest prominence to the value of service in sub-contracting for this demanding industry, the "intangible component" which is a great added value of Italian subcontracting companies and is able to make a difference in global competition.

Teknomotive will be visited by the largest manufacturers of finished parts and systems for the transport industry, vehicle manufacturers for the automotive, public transport, commercial transport, rail, marine, aviation and special vehicles sectors as well as planners and designers. In particular visitors will include those individuals involved in: research & development, design and engineering, inspection and quality control, purchasing of materials, components and systems, and purchasing of products and equipment.

To endow the event with a high level of internationality, numerous delegations will be organized from the most strategic and promising international markets: Germany, France, Eastern Europe, the United States and North America, Russia, the Far East and Latin America. The delegations will consist of decision makers from major manufacturers of finished parts and systems as well as representatives of leading car, motorcycle, truck, train, ship, aircraft and special vehicle makers.

Teknomotive, thanks to its strategic location in Brescia, the second industrial centre of this sector in Italy today, will be the showcase of the technological state of the art developed in Europe for the transport industry, and will take advantage of the integration with numerous ongoing institutional initiatives to support the sector at local and regional levels and that represent interesting opportunities for growth and for cooperation between institutions, industry, universities and industry associations.

Thanks to Alfin-Edimet's significant experience in organizing technical events for industrial materials, Teknomotive will also be a unique opportunity for technical and technological updating across the board in the complex subcontracting system for the transport industry with a technical-informational programme composed of meetings and seminars unique in its completeness and variety, organised with the support and cooperation of the most influential players of each sector, with an eye always on the needs of the end-user.

Teknomotive is supported by national and local associations, institutions and authorities, including Camera di Commercio di Brescia, AIB-Confindustria, and Associazione Artigiani which see the event as a unique opportunity to increase visibility and business competitiveness for the companies of the Italian industrial system which are actively working on its organization. Cermet is partner  for  Sustainable Innovation.

UBI - Banco di Brescia is sponsor for  Teknomotive 2011

Teknomotive 2011 will be held at the Fiera di Brescia from 20 to 22 October.

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