Tenhiko Industrial starts machinery process in Thailand

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Osaka based special steel distributor, Tenhiko Industrial starts machinery processing business in Thailand.

The firm added computer numerical control lathe and commodity grade lathe made by Mori Seiki at Thai subsidiary for around JPY 40 million in December 2011 to meet maintenance demand from local transplants of Japanese manufacturers.

The firm tries to increase the sales by 40% to around JPY 350 million in Thailand in fiscal 2012 ending March 2013 from fiscal 2011.

The firm has increased the sales in Thailand under firm demand for automobile and motorcycle. The firm increases the stock based sales volume through tie up with local distributor. The firm employs 12 at the local subsidiary. The subsidiary added material finishing machine to improve the service.

The firm has studied the machinery processing business since the start of the local office in 2005. The buyers expect maintenance service due to limited availability of parts maintenance business in the country. The firm decided the business through the investment.

The firm tries to expand the business in Thailand by adding value for the buyers while the competition gets severer with the rivals. The firm tries to follow growing demand when Japanese users increase the shift to offshore market.