The 73rd World Foundry Congress

On September 23rd-27th, the most important event in the international foundry industry, the 73rd World Foundry Congress, will take place in Krakow. The foundry sector in Poland combines over 400 companies, 90% of which consist of small and medium enterprises producing about 40% of the total number of castings. Production size of more than 1 million tons per year classifies Poland on 16th place in the world ranking, and 8th in Europe.

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The Polish Foundrymen's Association (STOP), together with the World Foundry Organization (WFO), will welcome over 700 representatives from 41 countries, including about 100 young scientists. Delegates will give over 200 presentations and share their knowledge and achievements on over 150 posters. The sessions are divided in five categories (materials, technologies, digitalization, management and ecology), in which both representatives of science and industry will present their works. The proceedings contain a comprehensive and innovative material that will surely become an inspiration to implement new solutions and projects. 

The sessions will be accompanied by the exhibition "Creative Foundry", which is co-organized with Poznań International Fair. It will bring together more than 50 exhibitors, among whom suppliers of materials for foundries, representatives of scientific and research units, but first and foremost foundries from the country and the world can be found. The exhibition will present creative and innovative solutions in the field of casting technologies, casts, materials, production of castings, instrumentation, foundry machines and devices, as well as in management solutions.

During the 73rd World Foundry Congress, participants will not only have the opportunity to exchange their scientific and practical experience, but also take part in the International METAL Fair in Kielce, take one of nine technical trips which present the production capabilities of Polish representatives of foundry industry, or simply visit Krakow and get to know its rich history better.

This year's WFC will offer a great positive intellectual experience for congress participants. The industry is going through a profound change as electrification and 3D printing start to impact on the automotive sector. With knowledge comes power, and venues like this congress will give technical information and allow networking to take place so that informed decisions can be made and rather than looking at these shifts as threats, rather view them as opportunities.     
                -Mark Fenyes, World Foundry Organization President

Pre-Show Messages:

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ASK Chemicals, one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables, is looking forward to meet customers, prospects, partners and friends at the upcoming 73rd World Foundry Congress.

The congress, with its excellent scientific and technical program, is an excellent platform to exchange ideas and discuss challenges the industry is dealing with. The ASK Chemicals Group will be presenting at the congress its latest innovations and expert know-how:

  • The freedom of creativity: Coatings and additives concepts enabling enhanced construction and casting properties  // R. Stötzel, ASK Chemicals GmbH, Germany
  • New Technology Platform ECOCURE BLUE: Reduc¬tion of emissions in foundry processes - First practical experiences // F. Lenzen, ASK Chemicals GmbH, Germany
  • Economic solutions for avoiding emissions in foundries // A. Cavotta, Xpuris GmbH, Germany

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CYRUS GERMANY GmbH, technology leader in mobile charging machines for foundry furnaces worldwide, anticipates with great pleasure the upcoming WFC in Cracow, Poland, and welcomes you to visit its representative, Robert Parnitzke. 

The technical and intercultural exchange with partners, customers and friends from all over the world is a highlight each year that brings up interesting themes, thoughts and ideas to all participants. After work, you will find a plenty of interesting places to see in the great multi-cultural city of Cracow.  Take time to visit the ancient Market Place in the very heart of the city, and don’t miss the KAZIMIERZ-Quarter for a great night out.

Have a nice and safe journey to Poland!

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Vesuvius’ Foundry division, trading as FOSECO, is a world leader in the supply of consumable products, solutions and associated services related to the foundry industry. The 73rd World Foundry Congress in Kraków will be a unique opportunity to meet our customers as well as to participate in technical and scientific sessions.

We strongly believe that events like the 73rd World Foundry Congress not only serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and expertise, but can also integrate foundrymen’s community. Therefore, we are very pleased to invite you to visit our stand (1st floor of the ICE Congress Centre) to meet our specialists and learn about our innovative solutions.

Please, also feel very welcome to attend the technical sessions where our experts will also be presenting FOSECO’s latest developments:

  • Automated Intelligent Coating Concept for Ferrous Foundries / Christoph Genzler
  • Feeding Technology/ Jurgen Kmetsch
  • Methods Flowability / Vincent Haanappel
  • ACTICOTE CG Range of Coatings to Reduce Graphite Degeneration at the Surface Zone of Compacted Graphite Iron Castings / Ugo Nwaogu

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The 73rd World Foundry Congress in Kraków is a scientific and technical congress for a broad international community of leading foundry and tooling companies. Therefore, this congress is a very good platform to present to the international community the latest results of Oskar Frech in the field of additive manufacturing, of hybrid materials for die casting molds, and to win companies and institutes as future customers.

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HA presents its “Creative Foundry” vision in Krakow 

Under the inspiring motto “Creative Foundry”, the HA Group will be exhibiting at the 73rd World Foundry Congress in Krakow as the reliable and innovative part-ner for foundries in all facets of foundry chemistry. HA’s experienced specialists will showcase ground-breaking solutions and concepts for foundries in some interesting expert presentations. Visitors to the HA stand are warmly invited to find out more from HA’s team of professionals. 

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"Imerys to take part in World Foundry Congress 2018 in Krakow"

Imerys, the world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry, will take part in the 73rd World Foundry Congress "Creative Foundry", due to take place at the ICE Krakow Congress Centre, Poland on 23rd - 27th September 2018.

During the conference, Imerys Metalcasting will present its eco-friendly low emission green molding sand additve "Envibond", customized blends and other selected high quality raw materials for the green sand moolding.

All fellow foundrymen and delegates visiting this important confrenece from all parts of the world are welcome to attend the technical papers and to visit the Imerys Metalcasting booth.
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We are delighted to be attending this event, with over 900 delegates and 400 technical papers in the wonderful city of Krakow should be one of the best congresses yet.

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The OTTO JUNKER WFC team – Andreas Liffmann, Jörg Andrejewski and Thomas Voss – looks forward to the upcoming WFC in Cracow/Poland. Many interesting technical sessions (for example Mr. Voss will present a paper on September 24th: “Optimization and Control of Modern Ladle Pouring Process”) and the personal exchange with partners and customers from all over the world will definitely be a highlight for us this year.

We look forward to meeting you there!!

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the World Foundry Congress in Krakow,
it is our pleasure to congratulate you on the 73rd World Foundry Congress.

With the initiation of the congress, the international exchange of knowledge, experience and goods is particularly promoted. As a world leader in casting plastering or cast finishing, this congress provides a good basis for the exchange of skills.

Even today, the classic congress is not outdated, but offers a practical exchange of ideas as a useful supplement to digital knowledge transfer. Therefore, Reichmann relies on the exchange of ideas and ideas with the trade public.

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TCT Tesic is honored to participate at this years World Foundry Congress in Cracow. 

We look forward to welcoming our existing business partners as well as future partners at our stand, 131.

ZPF GmbH, well known technology leader in state-of-the-art and durable aluminium furnace systems of the highest quality and “Made in Germany”, is looking forward to the oncoming WFC in Cracow/Poland. 

Norbert Feth looks forward to greeting you at the ZPF stand.

Company Info

Polish Foundrymen's Technical Association (STOP)

ul. Zakopiańska 73
30-418 Kraków

Telephone: 012 26 18 576