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The 8th China Foundry Association Congress

June 1-4, 2008, SHANGHAI,CHINA

To enrich the activities and create environment of grand insiders’ event, during the exhibition period, The 8th CHINA FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION CONGRESS was held in series of sessions and workshops, centering on the themes of “Foundry co-existence with harmonious environment”, “Sustainable Development of Foundry Industry”.

The idea that the core value of a tradeshow is depending on how much it could meet the demand both from exhibitors and buyers has become organizer’s philosophy and the goal working for.

In this event, building on the unprecedented large-scale, brand new streamlined form, generously authoritative support and customized service provided, this event is believed to be an ideal platform for exhibitors to realize their participation goals and reward what they invest.

Technical Seminars

Ming Jun Wang, CFA
Foundry Supplies Committe CFA

Jason Wang and Anabelle Chen

Johnson Pan, ABB Manager

Jürgen Klemke, Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich

Liu Jie (left), Inernational Relations Dept. CFA

Zhang Libo (middle), Exec. Vice President CFA

Max Ma (middle)

The Main Reports

The development trend of power plant equipment (thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power) and new demands on casting quality - Lu Yansun, Senior Consultant of CMIF and Honorary President of CFA

Casting production of environment friendly foundries - Prof. Liu Baicheng, Academician of Tsinghua University

Foundry and Nature - Mr. Galante, General Manager, Italy IMF

Strategy of promoting energy saving and emission reduction in chinese foundry field - Huang Tianyou, Vice Secretary of CFA

Foundry Technology and environmental protection in Germany - Mr. Timo Wysocki, President of German Foundry Association (VDG)

The current situation and develompent trend of Japanese foundry industry - Zhonggu Jianwu, President of Japan Foundry Society

The development road of the foundry enterprises in the global competition - Peng Fan, President, Kocel Group Co., Ltd.

The development trend of casting equipment at home and abroad - Prof. Wu Junjiao, Tsinghua University

Foundry enterprise environmental factors, identification of the dangerous source and control technology - Fang Guiru, Consultant of CFA

The development trend of automobile tecnology and the foundry industry - Zhang Zhenhua, Executive Vice Manager, Shanghai Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd.

The current situation and develompent trend of the moulding materials at home and abroad - Prof. Huang Naiyu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Application of vermicular graphite iron on the diesel engine - Zhang Boming, Consultant of CFA

Analysis and forecast of the price trend of the raw material in foundry field - Wang, Mingjun, Chairman of special committee of foundry materials, China

Application of robots in foundry field - Pan Jiashou, Manager in foundry industry, ABB Robotics China

Ideas of training specialized talented person for the foundry industry - Mr. Lu Zhigang, Chairman of education and training committee of CFA

Technical Exchange Seminars

Main task and idea of sub-chamber of CFA for automobile casting - Yu Yonglai, Director of sub-chamber of CFA for automobile casting

Exploration on saving cost in the automobile foundry industry - Mr. Yu Yongrlai, General Manager, FAW Foundry Co., Ltd.

The current development trend of auto foundry industry - Ma Shunlong, President of the institute of foundry, FAW Foundry Co., Ltd.

Application of AnyCasting virtual software in the design of auto parts - Yu Lun, Shanghai representative office, Korean AnyCasting Co., Ltd.

Determination of the grey iron release coefficients (A,B) - Pan Guangdong, Forging and casting factory, Shandong Weifang Dongli Co., Ltd.

Cleaning equipment for automobile castings - Dany Qian, Wheelabrator Group Ltd.

The dedusting technology of the cupola - Xie Qili, Vice General Manager, Danteng filtration technology Co.

How to choose the suitable furnace lining materials for the coreless induction furnace melting steel and iron - Gu Jinrong, Zhenjiang insertec foundry supplies Co., Ltd.

Recycling slag iron of the overhead hot blast cupola - Yu Renxian, QuigDao Qingli Environment protection Co., Ltd.

Dedusting technology of German cupola - Neotechnik, Germany

The way to spray Oxygen, natural gas and metallurgy powder from the wind gap of the cupola - Zhao Chunru, Air products & chemicals inc. (China)

Energy saving and emission reduction - the innovative goal of the cupola - Chen CHaoyun, Qinhuangdao Development Zone Chunguang Casting Machinery Co., Ltd.

News development of induction heating reflow technology - German Linn High Therm GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office

Application of gas diffuser on non-core induction furnaces - David Newsome, CMinelco (Tianjin) Mining Co., Ltd.

The Microstructure, performance and process control of vermicular graphite iron - Dr. Steve Dawson, SinterCAst President & CEO

Green foundry and heat treatment of castings - Mr. Volker R. Knobloch, Vice President of CEC

Application of filtration technology in modern casting production - Zhang Kefeng, Vice Marketing Manager, Shengquan Group Share-holding Co., Ltd.

The research and application of the Second Generation alkali phenol resin - Wang Jinxing, General Manager, Suzhou Xingye Foundry Materials Co., Ltd.

Molding technology of combining sand and core - Wuxi Dashan Machinery Co., Ltd.

New materials for quick casting mould - Li Jihong, Marketing Manager, Siman Co., Ltd. (China)

Application of remediation technologies for casting deflects - Peng Xingli, Beijing Aoyu Kexin Surface Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Application of high performance cast steel in light weighting of automobile precision castings - Lu Dingquan, Vice General Manager, Dongfeng Investment Casting Company Ltd.

The forming technology and development of Al-Mg alloy with high performance in die casting - Prof. Xiong Shoumei, Tsinghua University

Innovation and breaktrouhg management is the way for the long-term development of the foundry Enterprise - Wang Qiang, Shanghai Honggang Power Station Equipment Casting & Forging Co., Ltd.

The development of 20 years full mold casting in our company - Liu Zhiwei, Deputy General Manager of Baicheng Tianqi Casting Co., Ltd.

The outlook analysis of the energy saving strategy of precistion casting - Jin Jian, General Manager, Taizhou JinDing Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

Near net shape pipe with continuous casting process - Xu Yang, Professor of Xian university of technology

The advanced non-ferrous alloy casting equipment of saving-energy and emission reduction - Jiang Yuhua, General Manager, Zheijiang Wanfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Energy saving and emission reducing technology for making core and mould with cold-box process - Qiu He, General Manager, Suzhou Mingzhi Casting Equipment Co., Ltd.

The way to have moulding sand with high quality - Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG

Automatic sand handling process of castings - Sun Zhiyan, No.2 Foundry of Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

Application and development of vibration time effect - Cao Zhiyong, Sales Director of Beijing Semboo Science & Technology

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