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The Cieffe Group - Company Profile

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The Cieffe Group, with its head office in Colle Umberto (TV) Italy, is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year.  This goal has been reached thanks to a strategy oriented towards continuous innovation and constant improvements in the plant performances.

A team of skilled and competent professionals, ready and willing to satisfy the customer’s needs with the utmost flexibility and to offer overall solutions in heat treatment. The Company proposes innovative solutions that are in continuous evolution in regards to those existing. The application of the latest technology, performance, reliability, good market prices of the plants are part of a consolidated history and is our “business card” of credibility towards the person speaking to.

Today, the Cieffe Group can boast amongst its customers, leading companies in various sectors: heat treatment on behalf of third party, automotive industry, oleodynamic, aerospace industry, Aeolian, nuclear, aeronautical, medical, gears, bolts and screws and mechanical precision. The Cieffe Group, present on the market with brand names as: CIEFFE, ATD, G.ELF, FIBEX  offer a vast range of products some of which are listed below:

• Automatic chamber lines in controlled atmosphere, with air, oil or salt quenching (including chamber furnaces, tempering and nitriding furnaces, cryogenic stations, washing machines, stores and loaders).

• Conveyor belt furnaces with oil, salt, water or polymer quenching for hardening and tempering and carbonitriding of small items and parts in the automotive industry.

• Furnaces and lines for gas nitriding and tempering.

• Pit furnaces and roller hearth furnaces.

• Belt washing machines with ultrasound system and screw washing machines.

• Endothermic and exothermic generators, ammonia crackers.

•  Horizontal and vertical loading vacuum furnaces.

• Low pressure carburizing furnaces and modular systems.

• High pressure quenching chambers up to 20 bar.

• Continuous furnaces and lines (belt and/or chain conveyor, roller hearth, mobile bean and push-type for all applications).

• Discontinuous furnaces (chamber, bell, pit, single and double bogie type for all applications).

• Continuous sintering furnaces for parts, according to the metal powder technology.

• Annealing furnaces in controlled atmosphere for armoured heating elements.

• Special systems for particular applications and heat treatments.

The Cieffe Group, already present in the European market, and thanks to its continuous growth and development, has also expanded it’s foreign sales network.  In fact, in 2007 a new office was opened in Shanghai, to fulfil all the interesting possibilities offered on the Far East markets.

Amongst the subsidiary companies of the Cieffe Group, we also find RLMC, which is our branch office in France. The Cieffe Group, already will established on the Italian and European territory, has launched its ambitious growth project worldwide which is already bringing important results to the Group companies.


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