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The foundry dictionary is now available as an I-Phone App !

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>The foundry dictionary is now available as an I-Phone App !</strong></font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><br><br>Whoever works or is interested in the foundry industry cannot get around it. The unique and extensive masterpiece by the renowned publisher Fachverlag Schiele &amp; Schön is now available as an App for the iPhone and iPod touch, their benefits, such as the comfort and user-friendliness, are obvious. Even in the foundry industry, where foreign technical terms are common, the App is a great convenience when sitting in a conference or reading international professional articles. Possible hits are displayed after only two entered characters. It cannot get any quicker.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><img complete="true" src="" style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 20px; WIDTH: 300px; PADDING-RIGHT: 20px; FLOAT: right; HEIGHT: 431px; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-TOP: 0px">The Foundry Dictionary covers more than 10.000 keywords each in German, English, French, and Italian and explains the relevant issues and terms. Thus it is the ideal reference book for students and professionals. In each language the terms are in alphabetical order and linked with the other languages. The dictionary is therefore particularly user-friendly.</font>

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<font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif"><strong><em>Jump to app:<br></em></strong></font><font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif"><br><br><br></font>

<font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif"><strong><br>Contact :</strong> <br>Fachverlag Schiele &amp; Schoen <br>Hildegard Kobel <br>Markgrafenstrasse 11 <br>10969 Berlin <br>Tel : 030 25 37 52 0 <br>Mail : </font><font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif">kobel(at)</font>

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