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The Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES)

<font face="Arial"><font size="2">The Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES), founded in 1962, is the largest national academic society in foundry field in China. FICMES is responsible for the national academic exchange and economic trade in foundry and die casting field, and acts as the bridge linking research institutes, colleges, design units and enterprises. Its aim is to disseminate new technology and achievement, to promote the progress and development of foundry trade through academic activities.&nbsp;This year, FICMES was organizing the ASIA-PACIFIC DIECASTING INDUSTRY EXHIBITION.</font></font>

<font face="Arial"><font size="2">The exhibition attracted not only local exhibitors but many international suppliers to foundry industry. Below, we are giving you a survey on the development of the output of castings in China until 2005 (original figures issured by the FICMES)</font></font> 




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