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The German worldwide leading industrial furnace constructor for non-ferrous metals StrikoWestofen

presents the dosing furnace Westomat® 900 SL with the new ProDos xp.

High-value castings at low costs with structures getting more and more complex – these are the requirements of the automotive industry. The foundries therefore demand higher standards to meet the necessary long term requirements.

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">The WESTOMAT<sup>® </sup>is well-established in pressure, sand and gravity casting.<br><br>The metal is transferred from the closed furnace metal chamber into the filling chamber through a riser tube by a pressure increase in the furnace chamber. The advanced stage of development of the unit can be seen in its high productivity in comparison to other dosing systems. For example, by use of the optimised metal filling level recognition PneuCo<sup>®</sup> and the Top-Stop-Position<sup>®</sup> system a time-optimised integration to the die casting machine is reached, which means no time-loss when cycle times are varied. Also the refilling of the unit is possible without interrupting the production and with an indication of the precise filling level at the same time.<br><br>With the new ProDos<sup>® </sup>xp and the 15’’colour touch screen display, every finger stroke finds its score – although this is rarely necessary. After a die exchange, the self optimizing control system usually needs only two input values: metal weight and temperature. Immediately afterwards the WESTOMAT<sup>® </sup>will resume its service in line with the new cycle requirements of the die casting machine.<br><br>Very low energy and wear part consumption and long service life-time are further important advantages which make this process outstanding.</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2"><strong>Westomat®, <br></strong>By StrikoWestofen GmbH</font>

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