The HYBRID die casting comes to the GIFA

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Maicopresse Spa, an italian familiy business set in 1975, has entered the new century as a premium brand for the high-tech die casting machines, now counting  on a workforce of over 100 people and a stabilized turnover exceeding the 25 million Euro, together with a recently improved and rationalised productive headquarter based on an area of 15.000 sqm located in the strategic nearbies of the city of Brescia.

A proud  “made in Italy” policy, a true committment to excellence, the exclusive patented long stroke toggle device, the complete range up to the higher tonnages, the integrated automation, the long proved experience into energy-saving solutions have summarized into the new edge “HYBRID” series: a reliable and cost-effective solution matching the power of a high precision hydraulic injection unit controlled in closed loop by digital servo-valve with the smoothness, speed, precision and reliability of a maintenance-free electric clamping unit powered through a specially engineered roller screw drive, that allows in fact to operate the clamping  through a new generation of in line servo-motors.

As a result, consumption drops and productivity boosts.

A worldwide recognised achievement of Maicopresse, marking the pace of the growth of a company deeply oriented towards its customers and straight to the future.