The "Italian Miracle" - Savelli's successful Revival

Savelli's Order Books full until 2021

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The successful revival of "SAVELLI" is a true “Italian Miracle”.

The historic brand "SAVELLI since 1842" continues to live strongly in the global market through the new company founded in December 2015 by Francesco Savelli with his partners, Maurizio Botticini, Mauro Boldi, Roberto Tura, Guido Gilberti and his brother Paolo Savelli. 

Today, the company, after the entry of Küttner Holding with the purchase of 55% of the shares in January 2017, has the new name of Kuettner Savelli S.r.l., but the 35 employees that make it up represent the best of the old Savelli S.p.A.; the intellectual property composed by drawings and by the registered trademark is nothing without the right skilled people!

The activity started in April 2016 resulted in the first 3 years of positive results, and the 2019 budget will also close positively. 

Furthermore, Savelli was recently awarded the Cribis D&B Prime Company Certificate for having obtained the best rating.

The 2020 turnover of the italian company will certainly exceed 25M Euros, which for a company with 35 employees is a truly exceptional result.

In fact, signed contracts and orders for more than €30M have been received for the next year, with Savelli supplying important plants in Russia (1 molding line for engine blocks and heads and a line for steel castings for railway wagons), in Sweden (1 molding line for engine blocks and heads for trucks and machines for sand preparation and cooling) and in South Korea (a molding line for the production of brake disks and drums).

During the last 3 to 4 weeks, Savelli has successfully installed an extraordinary Rotary Cooling Drum for Brembo (Italy), a sand preparation and return system for Arizzi foundry (Italy), sand mixers for Tutaev Motors (Russia), and has also revamped the SAVELLI F1 molding line at EKU, increasing the production rate.

The GIFA 2019 was a real success thanks to the great support of Savelli's German partner, Küttner. 

Prestigious industrial groups and foundries have taken an interest in Savelli technologies and important new orders are expected by the end of this year. 

Fortunately, Savelli's customers are not limited to casting production for the automotive industry, and it seems that the crisis that is being felt there does not affect the italian company as it continues to grow and prosper.

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