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The Second Iran Foundry Technical Forum & Exhibition

The Second Iran Foundry Technical Forum & Exhibition during 05.10.-07.10.2009

Foundry Industry has a good vision in Iran, because of using low cost energy & material and labour that are the three major needs for this Industry, so Iran has also a developing market for Foundry Industry and more than 1500 Foundry Trade Fair in 3 days for Companies which are in the field of:

   1- Foundry Product.
   2- Foundry Machinery.
   3- Furnaces and Thermprocess.
   4- Raw Materials for Foundry & Metallurgical Industry.
   5- Software & Services.
   6- Lab.equipments.

Beside the Exhibition a Technical Forum will be held in two days consist of Technical Presentations & Workshops and one-day courses. The subjects for the Forum will be:

   1- Innovation in Foundry Processes & Material.
   2- Development in Foundry & Metallurgical Equipment.
   3- Saving Energy and Environment Management.
   4- Simulation and Software usage in Foundry.
   5- New Markets for Foundry Industry.
   6- Company & Product Presentations.

The price of the space with shell scheme: each sq.m is 250 €
Particular pavilions : each sq.m is 300 €
Each prepared pavilion includes : Fluorescent lighting, two chairs, one counter and fascia board.
Two persons of pavilion agent will receive entertainment tickets.

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