The seminar on die casting and machining technology for large aluminum alloy structural parts was held in Shanghai

Organized by: Dr. Liu Haifeng of CITIC Dicastal Co.,Ltd, and Zhou Shaojie, CEO of China Die Casting Network

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The workshop on die-casting and machining technology for large aluminum alloy structural parts was successfully held in Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel which sponsored by the senior media China Die Casting Network.

This event brings many enterprises from new energy vehicle and the major enterprises from national die casting industry as well as the 21 leading enterprises in various casting chains together. The top experts shared their latest various applications experiences of die casting and processing technology about the large structural parts at the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Dr. Liu Haifeng of CITIC Dicastal Co.,Ltd, and Zhou Shaojie, CEO of China Die Casting Network and they delivered a speech which covered a lot of the company's development from the view of strategic frontier strategy and direction, so the conference was held in the form of closed door.

In the first half of the conference, the new energy vehicle enterprises gave a speech entitled "Prospects of Research Direction of Automobile Die-Casting", which covered the practice of aluminum alloy die-casting structural parts, the exploration direction of large structural parts and the industrialization cooperation and breakthrough.

Dr. Chen Ruikai of Shanghai Shuaiyichi made a research report on the heat-free aluminum alloy material of "Magnesium Aluminum New Generation Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy for Body Structure".

Mr. Zou Yafei, manager of Buller die-casting engineering department in Asia Pacific, shared the theme of "Buller die-casting machine technology and related cases". He told the story that super-large structure parts will become the development trend of future technology and the challenge of large die-casting parts.

Dr. Liu Haifeng of CITIC Dicastal Co.,Ltd  made an exchange and sharing on the theme of "Bigger or More Agility: Development Trend of Large Die-Casting Structure Parts for Automobile".

In the second half, a face to face roundtable meeting was held on two topics of "process and technology" and "integrated equipment & operation" in the die casting industry. During this period, Liu Qiming, senior application manager of Magma (Suzhou) Software Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Junping, technical director of Suzhou Aijaia Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Cuibiao, deputy general manager of Anhui Bolian Automation Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Han Zhongyong, general manager of Jiangsu Sanli Shengxin Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Xiaocong, director of SW Machine Tool Chongqing Branch, gave a high-quality and wonderful professional report on the application of their products in large structural parts.

The conference provides a rare opportunity and help to promote integration of the die casting technology level in China for the automotive light weighting, integration, efficiency, and cost reduction, reducing emissions. The automotive die casting industry will usher in a new technology development dividend, find new scenarios for traditional techniques, It is of great significance to promote the rapid and healthy development of automobile die casting industry.