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ThyssenKrupp to supply elevator for Hanoi Landmark Tower

It is reported that the Hanoi Landmark Tower will be fitted with high speed elevators with regenerative drives and an intelligent, user friendly destination selection control system

ThyssenKrupp Elevator has been awarded the contract to supply 41 high speed elevators and 23 further installations for the Hanoi Landmark Tower in the Vietnamese capital. In the future, passengers will be whisked to the desired floor at up to seven meters per second, or roughly 25 kilometers per hour. The multi building complex includes a 70 story office and residential tower. At 336 meters it will be Vietnam's tallest building. As well as offices, the tower will house a 5 star hotel with 383 rooms and suites, bars, restaurants and retail outlets.

The other parts of the 579,000 square meter complex will also feature elevators from ThyssenKrupp Elevator. They include two 47 story residential buildings, a conference center, a parking garage and various medical facilities. Located in western Hanoi, the project is planned to open at the end of 2010.

All 41 high speed elevators are equipped with regenerative drives. Energy generated when braking the cabs is converted into electricity and fed back to the power supply system. This environment friendly feature lowers energy consumption by around 30% compared with conventional designs. The installations in the Hanoi Landmark Tower will be the first in Vietnam to feature

ThyssenKrupp Elevator's intelligent destination selection control system. Passengers enter the desired floor on an LCD screen outside the elevator. The system then directs them to the most suitable elevator. The advantage: Waiting times are reduced and passengers reach their destinations significantly faster.

Products from ThyssenKrupp Elevator are also in demand in other parts of Vietnam. From summer 2010, 22 escalators and eight elevators will provide quick and safe passenger transportation in the Vincom Eden office and commercial building in Ho Chi Minh City.

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