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TOOLEX 2011 – unlimited opportunities

Even though autumn is still a long time away, in Sosnowiec (Poland) the preparations are already in full swing. The reason for this is the most prestigious event for the metal processing industry, which is scheduled to take place from 5thto 7th October 2011 - the International Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology Fair TOOLEX 2011.

TOOLEX - specialists' meeting

Every year, TOOLEX attracts more and more industry experts. Last year, the Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre was visited by over 6 thousand people, 95% of whom were professionals and industry experts. Most of them came to Sosnowiec to see the most recent achievements of machine tools and tools producers, technological innovators, as well as processing equipment and CAM/CAD systems and CNC machining software. And they surely found what they were looking for at the 167 exhibition stands, which showcased over 350 companies from all over the world - Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA.

TOOLEX - a comprehensive view of the industry

The International Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology Fair is a comprehensive presentation of machine tools, specialized tools, technological equipment, software and measuring and control instruments. It is here that world premieres of new machines and tools take place.

TOOLEX - so easy to present machines and tools at work

Last year, in the exhibition area of over 4 thousand sqm, our Exhibitors presented 181 metal processing machine tools at work, which overall weighed 470 tons. One of the numerous assets of the Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre is the possibility to present sizeable and complex machines, including whole assembly lines, as the exhibition hall has all the technical connections that our Exhibitors might require to present their products.

TOOLEX - ease of access

The exhibition centre in Sosnowiec is situated in the heart of a 3-million-people urban agglomeration, which is at the same time Poland's most industrial region and an important scientific centre. What is more, the vicinity of the Czech Republic and Slovakia translates into another few million consumers. Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre is very well communicated thanks to the A-1 and A-4 motorways, the S-1 express road as well as two airports in Pyrzowice and Balice, each of them only an hour's drive away from Sosnowiec. Both airports serve numerous destinations all over the world.

TOOLEX - close to the market and research institutions

Expo Silesia is the only exhibition centre in Poland which can provide the Exhibitors with such a large and absorptive market. The region of Silesia and Zagłębie, where the Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre is located, is still the strongest and most industrialized region of the country. It is home to a range of fast-growing branches of industry - automotive industry, aviation industry, machine industry, food industry, as well as mining and power industries.

Preparations for TOOLEX 2011 fair are in full swing

During a few months since the end of the last edition, we have received many application forms for TOOLEX 2011 fair. The fair map is systematically being filled with Exhibitors’ stands.

Very good opinions from Exhibitors on this year’s edition resulted in a situation when many companies reserved a place for next year already during the fairs. It was certainly caused by high turnout of visitors and many new clients, favourable contracts signed during the fairs and modern infrastructure of Expo Silesia.

TOOLEX fair is at present the only metalworking event in Poland, and each year we may notice more and more Exhibitors and Visitors, as well as bigger area of stands. The positive opinions from the people participating in the event make for the best recommendations necessary for this event to develop.

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