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Training workforce for foundries

COIMBATORE (India): The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute here plans to train workforce for the foundries in a joint effort with the industry.

It had called for applications for “foundry moulder” training. Candidates should have studied at least up to Standard VIII. Over 1,000 applications had been collected. The institute was in the process of formulating the course material, said an official at the institute. The training was likely to be conducted in Coimbatore and Chennai, he added.

This would be a six-month programme and the classes would include theory and practical sessions. The total number of candidates to be trained would depend on the industry’s needs. The institute was in the process of collecting information from the industries on the number of candidates the units would be interested in training. The unit would have to provide accommodation and assistance to the candidates.

Through this programme the trainees would get hands on experience and the units could retain them after the training period too.

The programme was evolved since the industry was suffering from shortage of manpower and had sought trained workforce to be employed in the foundries. The programme was expected to take off in a month, the official said.

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