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UK - GTMA speakers for Emerging Technologies meeting

The UK event will once again be held at Delcam’s facilities in Birmingham, West Midlands, on 19 September 2012.

The Emerging Technologies conference will provide visitors with the chance to learn about the latest technologies within manufacturing, according to Julia Moore, CEO of the UK manufacturing association GMTA. “The presentations for this year’s Emerging Technologies will step visitors through each key stage of the manufacturing process. Starting with software and design, presentations will then cover component considerations, workholding and advanced materials, before focusing on measurement and analysis. By bringing all this leading edge technology together, the GTMA is providing an ideal environment for a technology transfer from the scientific and academic arena to the practical industrial landscape, where its practical application can be used to gain a competitive business advantage.”

According the GTMA, this year's conference will feature the following speakers:

Mike Smith, CEO of aerospace market supplier Bromford Industries, is scheduled to present the keynote speech: "How an SME can be successful at pitching for a multi-million $US contract". Smith also sits on the council board of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) council.

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Gary Thompson, C2M (Concept to Manufacture) will present "Developing next generation materials from recycled waste using classic tooling techniques". It will focus on the development of a new material called RGH from waste, which has numerous applications and is one of the greenest materials to be produced. The new material has received support from the EU after the proposal was awarded one of the highest scores out of 286 applications. Gary will explain the five year strategy for introducing the material, the manufacturing equipment and tooling to an international audience

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