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Unitherm, s.r.o. - FOUNDRY - MACHINING SHOP Division

Casting of aluminium alloys into sand and permanent moulds.

Machining of castings; surface treatment; assemblies.

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<font size="2"><strong>Unitherm, s.r.o. was set up in 1991 and in short period of time became one of the most important company in foundry and heat engineering.<br></strong><br>Our foundry uses two technologies - casting in sand moulds and casting in metal moulds, depending on customer's request, quantity required, complexity of casting and - last but not least - quality requirements.<br><br>The company has introduced and is using a quality management according to <strong>ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001</strong> and an environmental management system according to <strong>ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005</strong>. At the same time is certify on the basis of internal audit of customers.</font>

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<font size="2"><strong><em><u>Sand Foundy:<br></u></em>Production of models</strong> of several types of timber or epoxide, <strong>production of core boxes, production of cores</strong> of mixture of silica sand and water glass, using the CT method (by carbon dioxide cores hardening), manually or by injecting.<br><strong>Forming technology</strong> - manual shaping under crane, machine moulding or pulse moulding.<br><br><strong><em>In the middle of 2008, desing works were commenced on expansion of the sand foundry. New machine forming workplace will allow foundry to cast even bulk castings (1000x1000x300/300mm, up to 100kg). The expansion will be completed in IV.Q.2008.</em></strong></font>

<font size="2"><strong><em><u>Die Foundry:</u></em></strong><br><strong>Moulds production</strong> - preparation of drawing documentation by our designer team, the production of moulds in cooperation.<br><strong>Casting technology</strong> - <em>gravitational</em> (casting machines CGU and CGH, separate hydraulic-controlled stands, weight of castings 1-20kg), <em>low-pressure</em> (casting machines CNS 10.23, wieght of castings 1-40kg).</font>

<font size="2"><strong><em><u>Machining shop:</u></em></strong><br>Construction and production of tooling in own toolshed. Machinning - mainly aluminium castings, but also alloy and steel.</font>

<font size="2">When the casting is cast, such operation as <strong>trimming, grinding and shot blasting</strong> are performed and, if the customer requests so, also additional operations, such as <strong>heat treatment, machining, impregnation, varnishing and semi-assemblies</strong>.</font>

<font size="2"><strong><em><u>Casting Alloys:</u></em></strong></font>

  • <font size="2"><img src="" style="BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; BORDER-TOP: medium none; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; FLOAT: right; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; WIDTH: 150px; PADDING-TOP: 0px; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; HEIGHT: 230px">AlSi8Cu3 / EN AC-46200<br></font>
  • <font size="2">AlSi10Mg / EN AC-43000<br></font>
  • <font size="2">AlSi7Mg0,3 / EN AC-42100<br></font><font size="2"></font>
  • <font size="2">AlSi12(Cu) / EN AC-47000<br></font>
  • <font size="2">AlSi9Cu1Mg / EN AC-46400<br></font>
  • <font size="2">AlCu4MgTi / EN AC-21000<br></font>
  • <font size="2">AlSi12(b) / EN AC-44100</font>

<font size="2">Wider range of casting alloys: Magnesium alloy <br>and zinc alloy</font>

  • <font size="2">AlMg3<br></font>
  • <font size="2">Al-Zn</font>

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For detailed information see PDF-File.

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