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Unitherm, s.r.o. - FOUNDRY - MACHINING SHOP Division

Casting of aluminium alloys into sand and permanent moulds.

Machining of castings; surface treatment; assemblies.

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Unitherm, s.r.o. was set up in 1991 and in short period of time became one of the most important company in foundry and heat engineering.

Our foundry uses two technologies - casting in sand moulds and casting in metal moulds, depending on customer's request, quantity required, complexity of casting and - last but not least - quality requirements.

The company has introduced and is using a quality management according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and an environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005. At the same time is certify on the basis of internal audit of customers.

Sand Foundy:
Production of models
of several types of timber or epoxide, production of core boxes, production of cores of mixture of silica sand and water glass, using the CT method (by carbon dioxide cores hardening), manually or by injecting.
Forming technology - manual shaping under crane, machine moulding or pulse moulding.

In the middle of 2008, desing works were commenced on expansion of the sand foundry. New machine forming workplace will allow foundry to cast even bulk castings (1000x1000x300/300mm, up to 100kg). The expansion will be completed in IV.Q.2008.

Die Foundry:
Moulds production - preparation of drawing documentation by our designer team, the production of moulds in cooperation.
Casting technology - gravitational (casting machines CGU and CGH, separate hydraulic-controlled stands, weight of castings 1-20kg), low-pressure (casting machines CNS 10.23, wieght of castings 1-40kg).

Machining shop:
Construction and production of tooling in own toolshed. Machinning - mainly aluminium castings, but also alloy and steel.

When the casting is cast, such operation as trimming, grinding and shot blasting are performed and, if the customer requests so, also additional operations, such as heat treatment, machining, impregnation, varnishing and semi-assemblies.

Casting Alloys:

  • AlSi8Cu3 / EN AC-46200
  • AlSi10Mg / EN AC-43000
  • AlSi7Mg0,3 / EN AC-42100
  • AlSi12(Cu) / EN AC-47000
  • AlSi9Cu1Mg / EN AC-46400
  • AlCu4MgTi / EN AC-21000
  • AlSi12(b) / EN AC-44100

Wider range of casting alloys: Magnesium alloy
and zinc alloy

  • AlMg3
  • Al-Zn


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Foundries Catalogue: UNITHERM, s.r.o.

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