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US - Alcumet invests in aluminum prototype casting equipment

Alcumet, a company specializing in investment castings in aluminum and copper alloys, strives to be equipped with advanced aluminum prototype casting equipment.

This initiative is merged with the company’s casting expertise to deliver enhanced and highly reliable aluminum prototype castings. The combined effort has allowed the company to serve military and aerospace industries by supplying necessary casting prototypes for vital applications.

Mr Russell Wilmarth CEO of Alcumet said that only a successful prototype leads to a better product or part. The high quality aluminum prototype castings save money and time for designing parts that range from large airplanes to small bullet casing. The benefits of the castings are less machining, higher part yields and the capacity to detect and rectify design faults in the early stage of the development process.

Alcumet employs high tech equipment to develop genuine casting process and also carries out succeeding quality control testing process. The aluminum prototype castings initially undergo advanced steam autoclaves, high tech slurries and sand blasting procedures for enhanced durability. They are then made to undergo quality control processes, which evaluate each prototype’s external, internal and chemical integrity. Thus, if the prototype is of high quality, the resulting product will also be of good quality.


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