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USA - Auto supplier Citation Corp. acquires Alabama chemical company

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Citation said it plans to integrate the Foseco-Morval lost foam pattern-molding facility in Bessemer, Ala. and its more than 30 hourly and salaried workers into the capabilities of its lost foam facility in Columbiana, Ala. The new operation will operate as the Citation Lost Foam Patterns LLC division from the Bessemer location.

The lost foam casting process provides up to a 25 percent cost savings and a weight reduction of up to 30 percent by combining foam patterns into one assembly to create near-net casting components. The process is used to create parts that traditional casting processes have trouble replicating because of part complexity. "The acquisition of Foseco-Morval strengthens our position as the technology and market leader for lost foam castings and will help create new business opportunities," Citation CEO Doug Grimm said in a release.

Citation, which makes machined cast and assembled metal components for the automotive and other industries, claims 2,300 employees in Alabama, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin.