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USA - Bremen castings may hire laid-off workers

BREMEN, IN — There is some good news for those laid off from their jobs in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry: A local company says it's hiring. That company says it's specifically looking to hire those laid-off RV workers.

The head of Bremen Castings told he's looking for skilled technical workers and many of those laid-off RV workers are just that.

Bremen Castings President J.B. Brown said in this sluggish economy his business is booming.

"We're three months into our year and we're ahead 35 percent than what we were at last year," he said.

But the RV industry has slowed down and with that hundreds have been laid off.

"The RV industry has, they do have skilled workers, they do have skilled employees, and we are looking for individuals to help join our team," Brown said. "We're down about 15 to 20 employees and if it's just one that we can help out, it's a win-win situation for both."

Brown said nationally and statewide there is a demand for skilled technical workers.

"CNC programmers, robotics, anything to do in the machining side, mold makers — those kinds of individuals," he said.

As more workers retire and the economy picks up again some experts predict that by 2012 the demand for skilled laborers will exceed supply by about 5 percent.

"There's a lot of people going to college but we still need people to be programming, doing robotics, doing those kinds of things," Brown explained. "Because whether it's lean manufacturing, whatever, we still need people to make those machines work and right now in this area there's a real shortage."

Brown says he's looking for more skilled workers to keep up with demand for products and to continue to grow.

"We can spend money on capital, we can spend money on training, but the problem is we can't get enough people to come work for us," he said.

Bremen Castings recycles materials and makes products for more than 25 different markets. AM General and John Deere are a few of their customers.

The company gives its employees free insurance, free catered meals every month and some free schooling.

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