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USA - Lufkin Industries Resumes Normal Operations after disruptions from Hurricane Ike

<font size="2">Lufkin Industries reported that all of its Lufkin- and Houston-based manufacturing facilities -- including power transmission products and oilfield pumping units, <a href=";tx_hrtdictionary_pi1[showUid]=4184" target="_top">foundry</a> <a href=";tx_hrtdictionary_pi1[showUid]=1396" target="_top">castings</a> and automation products -- returned to full operations on Wednesday. <br><br>"We have no reason to believe at this point that the disruptions from Hurricane Ike will require a revision to current earnings-per-share guidance," said John F. Glick, Lufkin's President and Chief Executive Officer. "We will continue to closely monitor any future impact that disruptions experienced by our suppliers and service and transportation providers could have on our operations, however. <br><br>"We are very fortunate that the storm damage to our facilities was minor. Our employees have done a great job getting us back to normal operations quickly, even while many of them and their families continue to struggle with utility outages at home, damage to their property and other impacts of the storm," he said.</font>

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