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USA - Roberts Sinto Buys Molding Machinery Line from Simpson

Source: Foundry Mgmt. & Technology

<font size="2">Roberts Sinto Corp., Lansing, MI, has acquired the assets of the Matchblomatic line of automatic molding machinery from Simpson </font><font size="2">Technologies. The sale is effective April 1, according to Roberts Sinto. No purchase price has been reported.</font>

<font size="2">The Matchblomatic is a line of automatic matchplate molding machines manufactured by Simpson’s Beardsley &amp; Piper L.L.C. subsidiary, for </font><font size="2">producing green sand molds.</font>

<font size="2">Roberts Sinto states that the new product fits well with its current portfolio of molding machines, which include flaskless blow and </font><font size="2">aeration fill technology systems.&nbsp; In addition to new machinery, Roberts will supply parts and service to foundries that currently own and </font><font size="2">operate Matchblomatic equipment.&nbsp; </font>

<font size="2">Simpson also is selling its inventory of spare parts, drawings, manuals, and other technical data to Roberts Sinto, along with the service </font><font size="2">histories of installed machines. “The goal is to have a nearly seamless transfer of responsibility between Simpson and Roberts,” Roberts </font><font size="2">Sinto stated.</font>

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