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VACUDEST® ClearCat ® - Innovative vacuum distillation plants

for crystal clear, virtually oil free distillate

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One drop of oil pollutes 1,000 litres of water!

Vacuum distillation is an excellent method for the treatment of oil containing effluent like used coolants, die casting emulsions or rinsing water. To date hydro carbons and oils being carried over into the distillate cause problems. So far these impurities had to be separated by means of additional process steps.

Enough of that!

The innovative ClearCat®-technology reliably and efficiently cleans oil polluted, industrial effluents. Thanks to the low hydrocarbon oil index the resulting distillate can either be recycled, to realise the effluent free work shop, or disposed off into the public sewer.

VACUDEST® ClearCat® for premium distillate quality!

• Crystal clear distillate
• Free of heavy metals
• Virtually free of salts
• Sterilized due to steam temperatures of more than 120 °C

VACUDEST® ClearCat® it saves your money!

• Complete oil separation without additional process steps like coalescence separation, active carbon treatment or membrane filtration
• Self cleaning heat exchanger ActivePowerClean allows higher residue concentrations, reduces maintenance efforts and concentrate disposal costs
• Automatic detection of residue concentration assures maximum concentration factor, even if feed quality varies
• Fully automatic, unmanned operation
• Fully automatic cleaning in place system (CIP)
• Thermodynamic optimised ActivePowerClean for lower energy demand, now starting from 45 Wh/l

VACUDEST® ClearCat® reliable, feasible and low maintenance!

• VACUDEST® -vacuum distillation plants are approved in many different industrial branches since 1986
• Easy to maintain, all wear and tear parts can be accessed easily
• Excellent noise protection, low noise level compared to conventional vacuum distillation plants
• More than 850 plants, sold to over 700 satisfied customers world wide are prove for the excellent quality and the outstanding service provided by H2O GmbH




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