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VDMA: Handover in Metallurgy

Dr. Timo Würz appointed new Managing Director of the VDMA Associations Foundry Machinery, Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills and Thermo Process Technology

On November 01, 2011, Dr.-Ing. Timo Würz will replace Dr. Gutmann Habig as Managing Director of the three associations Foundry Machinery, Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills and Thermo Process Technology within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). Würz (41) will also succeed Habig as General Secretary of the respective European associations CECOF - The European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations and CEMAFON - The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association and as Director of EUnited Metallurgy - European Metallurgical Equipment Association. Habig, who has led the association since 1991, is going into retirement.

For more than 20 years, Habig was in charge of the association's three metallurgy focused engineering sectors and led them through an era marked by increasing focus on exports, and rapidly growing European and international networking. Thus the associations could continuously broaden their radius of activity. With the foundation of the VDMA Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills Association and its European counterpart under the umbrella of EUnited, a new platform could be established under his auspices. He was co-founder of the International Foundry Forum, a high-profile event for the decision-makers in the foundry world.

Würz was born in Frankfurt. After graduating in mechanical engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt with a doctorate, he first worked in the research sector focusing on production technology. Since 2000 he has been head of the Research and Technology department of the German Machine Tool Builders' Association (VDW) and Managing Director of VDW Research Institute. In 2008 he assumed further responsibility as Deputy Managing Director of VDW.

Dr. Habig
Dr. Gutmann Habig
Dr. Würz
Dr.-Ing. Timo Würz

„Our member companies are providers of industrial key technologies that promote their innovations under increasingly complex framework requirements. My successor will have to deal intensely with the mega-issue energy and resource conservation for a long time to come", Habig said on Tuesday in Frankfurt.

„I'm going to work with highly interesting and technologically strong industrial federations with member companies that are of vital importance for the industrial added value. Concerning the activities of the association, this will offer exciting and highly interesting challenges", Würz pointed out. Apart from economic and technological key issues, Würz also considers it an important part of his new tasks to represent the sector vis-à-vis politics, investors and the public. He has also committed himself to a continuously intensifying technical representation and to further development of the wide range of services for the member companies in the fields of market analysis, statistics, and export events for the sector.

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