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METEF, expo of customized technology for the aluminium and innovative metals industry, and its siding shows Foundeq, Metalriciclo and Alumotive move to odd‐numbered years. This choice was announced by Giovanni Mantovani, General Manager of Veronafiere, and aims at meeting the needs of the adhering companies by showcasing the specialization of the Italian and European firms in the aluminium and innovative metals industry in a single event scheduled for 21st through 24th June 2017.  
In force of this process, METEF will invest on a communication plan that involves a further development of METEF’s project, approaching new markets and offering real business opportunities to the companies that invest on the expo next edition. This is why from 2015 METEF is organizing a series of Road Shows and B2B meetings in association with AMAFOND–Italian association of companies which produce machinery, plants, furnaces products and services for the foundry industry, in the different reference markets with the aim to boost promotion by the potential visitors of the show next edition, that is international specialized operators, technicians and purchasing managers as well as foreign institutional delegations in order to side the exhibiting companies in an uninterrupted relationship path in view of the expo.  
“It’s a crucial decision having a major evolution value for METEF in the light of the economic context of the Italian and European manufacturing industry. This change will make us focus even more on promoting the event abroad with ad hoc projects and in dedicated markets aimed at bringing international operators to our show”–says Giovanni Mantovani. Veronafiere along with AMAFOND‐Italian association of companies which produce machinery, plants, furnaces products and services for the foundry industry, ASSOMET–Italian Association of Non‐Ferrous Metals Industries, ASSOFOND–Italian Foundries' Association, ANFIA–Italian Association of the Automotive Industry, ASSOFERMET‐National Association for the distribution of Iron & Steel products and ferrous and non ferrous scrap collection, and AIB–Industrial Association of Brescia, which represent some of the business sectors present at the exhibition, will work together to consolidate the expo 10‐edition experience thus offering real business opportunities to the exhibiting companies.  
“We  have satisfied the needs of our exhibitor  and of the international technical and scientific communities who asked for the show to be in a different period from that of other sector events thus allowing potential foreign operators to visit the exhibition and come to know the Italian sector excellence products, which have showed the international players their capability to offer innovative and customized solutions in quick time”, explains Giovanni Mantovani.  
METEF has gone through the structural changes of the global economic system and in particular of the aluminium global production chain over the last few years. It has kept the pace and has adjusted its contents and  communication strategies to the new evolving situations. In this respect, the expo has magnified its efforts and commitment to represent and protect the interests of the small and medium converting enterprises upstream the aluminium and innovative metals production chain in Italy and in Europe. These sectors are the real propellers of the downstream application development and account by far for the largest share of the entire sector’s workforce in Italy and in Europe.


  • Over 10,000 total visitors  
  • 31% foreign visitors  
  • Over 400 total exhibitors  
  • 30% foreign exhibitors  
  • 20 foreign official delegations from 60 countries  
  • 29 siding events

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