VIRIDAD: Launch of digital sustainability platform for EU Taxonomy

• Fast and intuitive EU Taxonomy sustainability assessment

• Calculate sustainability scores for reporting

• Experts provide advice on how to implement EU Taxonomy requirements



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VIRIDAD is the first digital platform that combines both standardized processes and expert knowledge to provide answers to all aspects of EU Taxonomy. EU Taxonomy is a European regulation that specifies which economic activities can be classified as sustainable under which conditions. Through disclosure requirements, EU Taxonomy supports transparency, facilitates informed decision-making, and helps investors and financial service providers to focus on environmentally friendly investments. The digital platform VIRIDAD offers services for companies, banks, insurance companies, investors and asset managers that cover the entire spectrum of EU Taxonomy. These range from the sustainability assessment of economic activities to the calculation of sustainability ratios for reporting purposes. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the advisory firm OMNIA, as well as three investors, played a key role in founding VIRIDAD to drive forward systemic change in the financial world and industry towards greater sustainability and the use of innovative technologies.

We aim to unite both standardized solutions and expert knowledge in one platform. To master individual challenges related to EU Taxonomy we provide support via our expert pool that provides solutions quickly and efficiently. Our mission is to promote EU Taxonomy compliance through simple and intuitive solutions that cover all relevant business activities and regulatory requirements.“ - Dr. Klemens Marx, CEO, VIRIDAD.

With the foundation of VIRIDAD, we and our partners have created a platform that is designed to support the successful implementation of EU Taxonomy through digital solutions and expert consulting services. Our task is to bring specific knowledge from various industries and technologies for a climate-friendly economy to the platform. We are looking forward to future cooperation, where our experts will bring their broad know-how in the field of energy technologies to the platform.“ - Dr. Wolfgang Hribernik, Head of Center for Energy, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

VIRIDAD eases the processing of EU Taxonomy requirements

A sufficient level of data and an understanding of the regulations is needed in order to ensure reliable sustainability assessments pursuant to EU Taxonomy. Additionally, flexible interfaces allow for the integration of existing data to faster compile sustainability scores. "To meet the EU Taxonomy reporting obligations both regulatory expertise and technical know-how from different fields and industries are needed," explains Dr. Klemens Marx. "We offer companies, banks, insurance companies, investors and asset managers the required knowledge and dedicated technological advice from our experts for the assessment and implementation of the sustainability criteria on one central platform. Our service is distinguished by a high degree of standardization and compliance on the one hand and the expert services of the on the other," says Dr. Marx.


The digital platform VIRIDAD provides a service that bundles standardized processes and expert knowledge in one platform, covering the complete spectrum of EU Taxonomy. The platform includes all relevant fields of applications, and technical experts from all areas are made available for queries. To become part of the platform, these experts undergo a qualification process that ensures the high quality of the services. VIRIDAD pursues the goal of driving the green transformation of the economy by promoting sustainability through disclosure. Founding members of VIRIDAD are OMNIA GmbH, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Lutz Landwehr, Stefan Seipl and Matthias Schmuderer.