Virtual Classroom Session from ABP Induction with lectures by Lungmuß and Saveway

Like so many events these days, the German Foundry Day 2020 planned for April 23 and 24, 2020 fell victim to the corona crisis. But ABP Induction offers an exciting alternative in virtual space on the original day of the event: Follow interesting lectures from the companies Lungmuß and Saveway from your workplace in the office or on your computer in the home office - and of course from ABP Induction itself.

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If you think about it - what are events like the German Foundry Day actually all about? It is the networking and the exchange with the experts, the conversations with the colleagues from the other foundries and the contact to possible new partners. You don't have to do without all of this - thanks to the virtual replacement event from ABP Induction. The good thing is: you had reserved the original date of the foundry day in the calendar anyway. We quickly transfer knowledge generation, networking and partner generation to the ABP Virtual Academy - so you can also save on travel time and costs.

Why can this event take place? As part of ABP Induction's digitalization strategy, the Dortmund-based company has developed a Virtual Academy, which also includes a Virtual Classroom. In this classroom, events can take place regardless of location, in which everyone can participate if they register in advance with ABP and are equipped with Internet access, Windows PC and headset.

In the virtual training and education environment, each participant slips into an individual avatar and controls it through the digital ABP branch. This avatar can be used to follow lectures, hold discussions with participants or lecturers, view 3D models of furnace systems and take part in workshops - the perfect environment for a high-class session on one of the most important foundry topics, the "refractory lining". The topic of refractory brick lining would also have been a relevant topic at the German Foundry Day, so that the selection of this topic was practically a matter of course - and led to the top-class composition of the keynotes on the day, according to the motto "Ask us anything!"

The chemicals company Hans Lungmuss mbH & Co. KG (Lungmuß Feuerfest) has been one of Europe's leading suppliers of unshaped refractory products for around 60 years. Saveway GmbH & Co. KG offers innovative measurement technology for melting, holding and treatment systems in the foundry, steel, metallurgical and glass industries. Both companies will give practical lectures and provide insights on current new developments. ABP Induction will present the current products in the area of ​​crucible furnaces and the ABP digitization strategy that was successfully launched last year, in particular with a view to the ABP Virtual Academy and the digital customer platform and plant management portal "".

Spend varied, practical and informative hours with the experts from the industry and the various users from the foundry scene - from 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. CEST, and from any location where you have a PC with internet available look forward to sharing with you!