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Voxeljet - The results are in!

The Additive Manufacturing Industry Branding Initiative, proposed by Materialise during two CEO Summits hosted at RAPID and EuroMold in 2010, will proceed. Numerous leading AM machine manufacturers and suppliers have now committed to expand the awareness and use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) by uniting behind a concrete public relations, marketing and communications strategy.

Each attendee from the meeting during EuroMold was asked to make a decision as to whether they will participate in this initiative or not. The meeting included an overview of the project objectives and presentations from two public relations companies, Maisberger (Germany) and The Pub Agency (Belgium). Each presented their capabilities for developing a unified message to communicate the benefits of AM and proposed methods for bringing this message to the market and consumer.

In addition, several candidates for project manager presented their capabilities and expertise and outlined how they would approach the PM position. Each company who agreed to participate was able to provide a confidential vote for who should be selected. In the end, T.A. Grimm & Associates, Inc. was chosen for this important role for Phase One of the effort. Todd Grimm, president, understands the players and the industry and is looking forward to ."driving the efforts and ensuring that each member.'s interests are taken into account.."

Phase One will lay the ground work to provide the members with options for moving forward. The actions include:

    • Selecting a PR agency to develop a campaign.
    • Defining a schedule and budget for the campaign.
    • Finding a common denominator for the message amongst the participants.
    • Addressing any anti-trust issues.
    • Proposing a structure and schedule for the future of the initiative.

      The PR agency will present their message and strategy at the RAPID show in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Tuesday, May 24, 2011.  At that time, each member will be asked to contribute funds in order to

      continue the effort.  The budget will be derived based on the channels of communication for spreading the message as well as the fees for the project manager and the PR agency.

      The eleven companies who have official agreed to participate in Phase One include:

      1. 3D Systems Corporation

      2.CONCEPT Laser GmbH

      3. DSM Somos

      4. envisionTEC

      5. EOS

      6. Materialise

      7. Objet

      8. ReaLizer

      9. Stratasys

      10. voxeljet

      11. Z Corporation

      The branding initiative members are excited about the opportunities that this effort will bring to the industry. Communicating a clearer understanding of the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to a broader market is a necessary and important step to the advancements of the industry as a whole. Todd Grimm, of T.A. Grimm & Associates will be making press releases in the future to publicize the advancements of this effort. He will also be deciding on which PR agency to select and managing the project moving forward. For more information, please contact him at +1-859-331-5340 or tgrimm(at)tagrimm.com.





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