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Voxeljet unveils new 3D printing system VX4000

The high-tech company voxeljet based in Augsburg unveils its 3D printing system VX4000 – a machine that is set to cause a stir among international experts. It enables objects with dimensions of 4 x 2 x 1 metres to be produced.

Dr. Ingo Ederer, CEO of voxeljet technology, is delighted with the capabilities of the new machine. "With our new VX4000 we can generate moulds the size of a sports car, the limit being a volume of eight cubic metres. This presents users with undreamt-of possibilities. The enormous build space enables the rapid production of large individual moulds, but is also flexible enough to allow the cost-effective production of small batches."

3D Printer VX4000 with designer A.Hartmann

The new system scores high on flexibility and speed. The machine operates at three times the build speed of voxeljet's standard printers, but with the same resolution and precision. This performance is achieved by the use of a particularly wide print head, which prints a layer 120 micrometres thick in only two passes. This results in time and cost savings that benefit the user.

The VX4000 proved its worth in practical application long ago. The system has been operating for some time in the company's service centre for on-demand production of metal-casting moulds and models. Here, sand moulds of all kinds are produced to customer order - from extremely large individual moulds to small batches.

VX4000: high performance spanning 20 metres

The complete system is almost 20 metres long. In height and width it measures 7 by 4 metres. The very look of it sends the message that this is a system for tough industrial conditions. All the components of the VX4000 are high-quality, designed for continuous, round-the-clock operation. The system design, with building platforms that are driven alternately into the process station, allows for non-stop production in three shifts. Moreover, the build space can be used flexibly for individual moulds.

Using 3D CAD data, the moulds are generated automatically and without tools in a layering process. The laborious and costly process of mould set-up required by other methods is dispensed with. Thanks to the system's ability to build the layers reliably at unrivalled speeds, the production of highly diverse objects and moulds is not only fast but also cost-effective. Even complex geometries with undercuts can be generated in minute detail and with high precision.

"Adding the VX4000 to our range of models expands our product portfolio of standard and high-definition printers in a logical way. With a range that extends from the VX500 through the VX800 to the VX4000, we now cover build space lengths of 500 to 4,000 mm. This means that we have the right system in our portfolio for virtually any application and any client - from architectural office to automaker", says Dr. Ederer.

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