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Informative Publication on Optical Emmission Spectrometry


In their series "Informative publications on Non-destructive testing" the Castell-Publishers, situated in Wuppertal ( Germany ) have now released their 11th book; titled "Optical Emission Spectrometry".

The authors are employees at WAS AG with extended experience in Physics and Spectrometry and are therefore competent experts in the disciplines covered in this book.

Starting with the physical basics of light and atoms, the principles set-up of a spectrometer is explained. Mobile and stationary spectrometers are dealt with intensely. Further chapters deal with calibration, data evaluation and sample preparation.

The presentation is in a simple understandable format, comprises approximately 60 pages as well as 33 illustrations. The Informative-booklet is available in English and German at a reasonable price. A comparative publication covering "Optical Emission Spectrometry" is not yet available.

You can order the OES booklet at: 

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