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How you can be successful by using innovation, know-how and the right strategy although there is a financial crisis, was demonstrated by the WEBO Werkzeugbau Oberschwaben Gmbh at its opening ceremony in Amtzell. Managing director Mr. Axel Wittig presented to about 130 invited guests the spectrum of power of the tooling specialists, including a total novelity.


Mr. Willi Stächele, Minister of Finance of Baden Wuerttemberg, Mr. Axel Wittig, CEO of WEBO GmbH und Mr. Paul Locherer, State Parliament deputy and mayor of Amtzell, at the opening of the new plant in Amtzell. (©

The expectations with which Mr. Dipl-Ing. Axel Wittig, managing partner of the WEBO GmbH and his highly motivated team - experienced mold makers - start during economically difficult times will be seen as highly ambitious in the line of business. The actual course of business has surpassed the goals of the young team already in the initial phase; and this although the goals are not as modest.That caused a pleasant atmosphere and confidence at the opening ceremony. "We set ourselves quite high but still realistically goals. With our modern tooling concept we will concentrate on fastidious solutions for Powertrain. And with over 400 men at AWEBA Werkzeugbau GmbH in Aue we have a competent partner. This joint venture allows us to realize even complex tasks in shortest time."

The high-ranking guests from politics, business and industry, but most of all all the famous persons from the AUTOMOTIVE-line, which partly came abroad or from Asia, became enthusiastic over this supply."WEBO starts with a really innovative concept. To set the focus of tooling at the key-function - construction and development, assemblage and tryout - will give flexibility and short reaction times just as the fact that the parts production is left to renowned partners like AWEBA. That is it what we customers appreciate", so the positive reactions of some participants.

Exactly this concept and its advantages were decisive for the contract with Daimler AG over millions worth, which was signed shortly before the official opening ceremony at the Powertrain specialists. It deals with roll tools for producing disc carrier of double clutches, whose increase is significant for the field of automatic transmissions. "Only because of our technology and small structures we succeeded in completing a fastidious Powertrain - Prototype Project within a sensationally short time of six weeks. This achievement allowed us - although we are a young and newly founded business - to convince a renowned automative manufacturer such as Daimler. It shows our concept works. With an engaged performance we will show our customers now, how right it was, to give WEBO the following contract over millions worth", so Mr. Wittig.


Live demonstration of new technologies with video camera in the tool. (©

With the newly founded WEBO, the specialist of forming technology, Mr. Wittig, will open his customers a lot of advantages. So the insider and his team built up the new business exactly on many years of experiences. "At the new location we have structures which guarantees us a maximum of flexibility and with it a maximum of orientation to our customers. Besides by our position in Amtzell we closed to some of our customers. So we will be able to give best possible service and it will allow us easier integration of them into fastidiously developing projects", knows Mr. Wittig. In the accomplishment of their business Amtzells people set on specialization. WEBO is focussing on extremly fastidious solutions in the line of Powertrain and wants to concentrate totally on the customers` technology of processing and their assistance with the development of components. Tools for engine and transmisssion components which are subject on high precision and complexity belong to the core competency of WEBO.

The tooling GmbH in Amtzell set one focus on disc carrier which were made with so-called rolling tools until now. There the business could present a ground-breaking world premiere at its opening ceremony. It is about pleuelforming, a totally new designed process with a lot of significant advantages - done by the specialists of the WEBO-Powertrain. Special forms with graduated or complicated tooth profile in the line of multi-disc slots could be produced by this technology. The disc carrier will not longer be welded together in multiple steps by using different machines or even from two different parts, but it will be manufactured by only one pressflow, the new method of pleuelforming, which is in registration process to be patented. With this innovation there are less expensive processing steps necessary as before. So there are a lot of decisive advantages. Instead of producing only 0,5 parts per minute using the conventional method, there are seveb parts per minute by using the method of pleuelforming - it is a real quantum jump in manufacturing special disc carrier made of sheet metal.

One more focus of WEBO is located in the line of engine.
Here the company will offer to the engine developers and the suppliers different tools for gaskets, engine components and shields for the exhaust flow. This makes you focussing on components which are at interconnection between engine and components.

The high numbers of inquires after the opening ceremony shows that the upper-swabian toolmakers hit the aim by that offer. "Our guests were really delighted with our services. If only a part of the high numbered inquires come down as an instruction, 2010 will become a real busy year for our company", says Mr. Axel Wittig.




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