Welcome to the first international Iron Melting Conference and Exhibition!

The Cupola Conference took place in Saarbrücken four years ago. Already at that time it focused not only upon one single melting unit. Current developments regarding the melting process at iron foundries were considered. This time the scale is set much wider. The basic question is: How do we manage the transformation to a climate-neutral industry?

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Within the last years efficiency of cupola and induction furnaces improved continuously. At the beginning of the conference current measures will be introduced. The future development of the whole branch to obtain sustainability differs slightly for both kind of melting units, but both ways are essential for the production of light weight iron castings.

Politics demand to abandon fossil energy sources, which are used in differnt sectors of foundries, by 2050. It is about nothing less than the decarbonization of the foundry industry.

Induction furnaces seem to provide the easier solution: Melting with green energy is possible at any time - subject to its availability. Single ancillary units are to be decarbonized. But will eligible steel scraps be available in the future, if at the same time the major steel industry will be transformed to climate neutrality?

Large-lot production of iron casting in cupola furnaces at present requires hard coke. Is natural gas applicable as bypass technology? Do biogenic fuels have a chance? Is green hydrogen the future? If yes, where does it come from? And will there be new designs for cupola furnaces?

What will melting processes look like in the future? The change from cupola to induction furnaces is discussed in many cases. Current examples show how complex these projects are. The transition to climate neutral production is possible, but requires reliable political frame conditions, especially in accordance with affordable electricity rates.

Digitalization is established for process controll but may offer further potentials, e. g. predictive maintenance.

We refer to the subtitle: The future of cast iron melting. We would like to invite you, to accompany us on this exciting path. All items require an intense professional discussion for which we would like to prepare an adequate forum.

An exhibition of innovative products and solutions completes the event.

We will meet in Saarbrücken!

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