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Winoa, a foundry and global leader that invests in employee safety and energy efficiency.

Even if the majority of teams and families are on vacation during these summer months, the Winoa group* made 2 major investments at its plant in France this August: one in industrial robotics for the safety of our employees, the second in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint.

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This is how 2 robots worth over 600K Euros were added to the melting furnace for the safety of our employees.

  • One is an oxygen and graphite injection robot with the aim of:
  • Avoid having employees near the molten metal furnace;
  • Obtain a better fusion mixture;
  • Reduce energy consumption by consuming less energy than our old process;
  • The second is a robot allowing to take samples of the molten metal and the temperatures of the furnace automatically. The main advantages are:
  • Avoid having employees near the melting furnace to collect information, which makes the process much safer for everyone**;
  • Eliminate fusion stoppages during measurements;
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

With 2 samples taken during each preparation of the molten metal, we greatly reduce the risk of burns for our employees.

Winoa is proud of the work of its teams and the initiatives taken for the safety of its employees as well as for the protection of the environment.

Winoa Group, worldwide leader in surface treatment, provides the globally well-known - W Abrasives - innovative and eco-friendly product ranges for main shot blasting operations. In addition, a unique services package - W Care - and reliable technologies – W Technology - are offered to customers to their main applications: cleaning, preparing, shot peening and cutting.

With its solid footprint through 800 people around 22 countries, 9 manufacturing plants, 3 Research centers and 6 test centers, Winoa group became the market reference capable of offering both high-valued solutions and customized services.

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