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This motto sums up the development and production of our die spraying machines and modular die spraying tools for our customers’ diecasting machines.

We have over 30 years of experience and our machines can be found in foundries all over the world. Our current product range offers solutions that have been tried and tested in foundries and that satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding working conditions.

Our delivery program includes:

  • Linear die spraying machines
  • Articulated spraying robots

  • Articulated and gantry robot systems for complete automation

  • Standard and special-purpose spraying and machining tools

Our high-performance spraying machines PowerSprayMachine (PSM) mean shorter spraying cycles, a high degree of reliability and low maintenance, thus guaranteeing higher productivity.

The current PSM1 to PSM4 ranges are constructed to a uniform systematic design and with increased spraying and blasting air performance. The greater flexibility in the choice of types means that it is possible to achieve a suitable selection even for customer-specific requirements.

There is a choice of 3 different controls depending on the spraying machine. These have portable operating panels. The controls are user-friendly to operate and easy to program.

The spraying tools have up to 8 spraying circuits and are of modular design. Based on either an example casting (mold) or according to a die drawing, we configure these for our customers free of charge using state-of-the-art CAD systems. In this manner the spraying tools can be ideally adapted to the die geometry, thus reducing the need for spare parts.

The directionally adjustable ball nozzles on our tried and tested PowerSpray PS16 and also our new development, the spraying system PowerSpray PS16 Compact with SD14 spraying nozzles for 2 media spraying, enable a targeted and efficient application of the separating agent into the die. The newly developed PS16 Compact spraying tool is a further development of the tried and tested PowerSpray PS16.


  • Higher spray nozzle packing density
  • Reduction in weight
  • Compacter design

Another new development is the combination strip in which both spraying circuit and blasting circuit are integrated.

For large dies with core slides or bothersome guide pins it is possible to equip the PowerSpray PS16 spraying tool with a PS16-TS pneumatic positioning unit. In this manner the fixed and moving side can be sprayed at the same time, thus saving precious cycle time.

In order to achieve shorter set-up times, the possibility of selecting an incorrect spraying programs or spraying tool must be ruled out. Our new identification system IDS.

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