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Y.CT Vario – The new, innovative CT scanner from YXLON

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YXLON International, a leading provider of problem-solving solutions in industrial X-ray inspection and computed tomography (CT) for inspecting materials on a non-destructive basis, is presenting Y.CT Vario, its new CT scanner, at the international CONTROL trade fair (Hall 1 Booth 1522) for quality assurance in Stuttgart, Germany.  The Y.CT Vario sets itself apart through an optimum combination of high resolution and output performance, a high level of material penetration and short image acquisition times. That combination makes Y.CT Vario the ideal solution for industrial X-ray applications in digital radiography and modern computed tomography. The enabling factors behind this are the perfect coordination of the new YXLON Y.XST225-VF variofocus X-ray system with an innovative polar manipulation concept and state-of-the-art flat-panel detector technology.

The Y.XST225-VF variofocus X-ray system features a focal spot that has a clearly greater symmetry and is less than half the size in comparison to the conventional X-ray tubes used until now. A very high local resolution and, consequently, optimum detail detectability are achieved as a result. With an output of up to 1600 W, the system offers distinctly greater output performance when compared with all of the microfocus tubes available on the market to date. As a sealed X-ray tube, the Y.XST225-VF is nearly maintenance-free. The polar manipulation concept automatically adapts the precision of the horizontal image axis to the geometric magnification of the inspection item. The polar manipulator’s granite base guarantees the necessary high stability and reproducibility of results required for the demanding standards in computed tomography.

The areas of application for the Y.CT Vario range from the geometric examination of outer and inner structures to the inspection of highly absorbent materials and on to detecting the tiniest flaws. While doing so, extremely accurate polar manipulation and the variable focal-spot size in this new variofocus technology provide for very high resolution and highly detailed, three-dimensional reconstructions.
 The Y.CT Vario system can handle inspection envelopes with heights up to 250 mm and diameters up to 180 mm. The latter can be enlarged via measurement circuit extension to 320 mm. The turntable carries inspection items weighing up to 10 kg. Y.CT Vario is thus particularly suited for the computed tomography of die-cast aluminum parts and injection-molded plastic parts. 
Computed tomography (CT) solutions from YXLON for inspecting materials on a non-destructive basis present the opportunity to fulfill the steadily increasing specifications for safety and quality to a large number of companies in the widest variety of industries.


Suppliers Profil: Yxlon International X-Ray GmbH

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