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Y.HDR-Inspect - The new dimension in X-ray inspection

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YXLON presents its new digital imaging procedure for visual X-ray inspection:

YXLON International is a leading supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography solutions for the non-destructive testing of materials on an industrial scale. With Y.HDR-Inspect, YXLON is presenting its new standard solution for digital image generation in visual X-ray inspection. This solution is going to find wide-ranging fields for deployment, above all in the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in foundry casting.


Aluminum cast part – Image sequence from inspection in motion using Y.HDR-Inspect

YXLON uses the abbreviation HDR for its procedure involving “highly dynamic radioscopy”.
A special filter is used here to generate a live image on which the irradiated inspection item seems to be “made of glass”.
When the operator moves the inspection item within the beam while being X-rayed, statements regarding the spatial position of a flaw in the inspection item and its three-dimensional characteristics can be made quickly and with assurance. Above and beyond that, flaws in an inspection item’s various material thicknesses can be detected and localized using this solution, but without having to continuously adjust the X-ray parameters. This, in turn, leads to a substantial savings in time. Y.HDR-Inspect consists of a digital flat-panel detector and an advanced version of the Y.Image software with extensive functionalities, among which the new filter algorithms capable of creating live images particularly stand out. The flat-panel detectors used here have already been a proven standard for X-ray applications in the fields of aviation and aerospace for quite some time.

To put it in a nutshell, in those sectors it all comes down to the highest image quality and detail detectability. The detectors were able to offer ample proof of their industrial worthiness in the automotive industry, too. Here they are being deployed in fully automatic inspection systems.


Turbine blade – Image sequence from inspection in motion using Y.HDR-Inspect

In comparison to the image intensifiers frequently used until now, the new Y.HDR-Inspect solution offers a distinctly improved image quality and detail detectability. The “costs of ownership” are comparable to those of an image intensifier, too. That makes the solution especially interesting for mid-sized companies, particularly for foundries, because image intensifiers inside universal cabinets are still being used often there.  The advanced version of the Y.Image software included within Y.HDR-Inspect contains filter algorithms which are applicable in a live image. The tiniest flaws can already be detected at a glance by means of these algorithms. With this user-friendly solution, operators are able to start off using the settings they are familiar with. At first they receive the X-ray image they are accustomed to as a pure shadowgraph. Subsequently they can adjust the settings on a variable basis until the filtered X-ray image seems to be “made of glass”. This allows them to enjoy the advantages that Y.HDR-Inspect offers in terms of flaw and detail detectability.

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