ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. to feature its line of Casthouse consumables at CAST EXPO 2013

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ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. is a US based manufacturer and international marketer of a wide range of engineered high temperature materials and products bringing value to the metal casting operations it serves.  Presented at its booth at Cast Expo 2013 will be High quality casthouse consumable products including: vacuum formed ceramic fiber boards and shapes for applications such as troughs, launders, ladles, filter boxes and furnace insulation; ceramic fiber paper and blankets in roll and die cut form for use as gaskets and mold wraps; machined graphite in several densities and grain sizes for use as degasser impellers, flow control valve parts and molds;  vacuum formed ceramic fiber and dense refractory supported heaters for use as primary heat in electrically heated crucible and dosing furnace applications. Boron nitride, colloidal graphite and other refractory coatings combined with a machine shop equipped with 4 CNC milling systems for precision manufacturing of custom calcium silicate, microporous silica and soluble fiber products give ZIRCAR Ceramics the ability to help you make better metal.

Visit us at CAST EXPO 2013 in St. Louis . Booth# 1985