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2010 China International Conference for Investment & Development of Die Casting Industry ended with a great success

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2010 China International Conference for Investment & Development of Die Casting Industry which was held on June 17th to 18th at Shanghai Rainbow Hotel ended with a great success. Totally, about 200 delegates attended the conference including 30 representatives from Europe、North America、Asia and 170 delegates from 13 domestic provinces. Meanwhile officials from related government departments, officials from Yongchuan District of Chongqing city, and the president of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association and experts were also been invited to the conference.

The conference was organized by the Council for The Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Expo(CPIT SH)、Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association and China Die Casting Website、China Die Casting Information & Technology Co., Ltd,with the support by the Gang Qiao Industry Zone Management Committee of YongChuan district of Chongqing City, Magmasoft Science and Technology Company, Shanghai Meridian Die Casting Company, Anycasting company and I-Tech Automation Company with sole sponsorship of Shanghai SIGMA METAL INC.

This international business summit obtained a great success due to previous preparation half a year ago. Oriented by the world public opinion of IPCC, every country is working hard on constructing low carbon society—by energy conservation and pollution-reducing or other methods. But does the world economic recovered or was still in double-dip? Under the unsteadiness of the world economic circumstance, the die casting industry of worldwide was at a loss, which was the exact reason of holding the international conference at the time .On the meeting, attendees made speeches on the themes of “investment and development” and discussed the die casting development status from different points among countries and regions 

The conference was hosted by the CEO of China Die Casting Website, Mr. Zhou Shaojie. At the opening ceremony of this conference, the general secretary of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association Mr. Song Liangzhu made a particular introduction on the current die casting industry development of China. Then, some international die casting representatives such as Mr. Daniel Twarog, the President of North American Die Casting Association(NADCA);Technical consultant Joseph Annetts of International Zinc Association; Hon. Secretary R.T.Kulkarni of Aluminum Caster’s Association of India gave lectures on die casting development status and future trend , Permanent Honorary Chairman Keung Wing Ching of Hong Kong Die Casting and Foundry Association also made statement on the meeting.

Mr. Chen Yi-long, the Material Branch of China Automobile Engineering Society made a report on the Development Tendency of Lightweight & New Energy on the requirements of the auto parts. Joseph Annetts, the technical consultant of international zinc association also made statement on the recent development for zinc die casting in automotive applications.

President Bernhard Firtsche of world famous die casting enterprise Buhler Die Casting Division Switzerland, the CEO of Italpresse Industry,Andrea Locati, the technical director of IDRA S.R.L,Mr. Roberto Boni, the President of Japan Nippon Crucible Company, Mr. OKADA TAMIO, the General Ganager of MAGMA engineering Company, Michael Er、Chairman Jiutu Feng of Donguang Modern Metal Precision Die Casting Co.LTD, Mr. Xiangshang Liu Founder of;, Deputy General Manager Hongwei Li of Chongqing Sigma Metal Inc orderly analyzed the issue of die casting investment and development of domestic and overseas on the basis of their own experience.

A signing ceremony of investment in Yongchuan District of Chongqing City was also held during the meeting. Mr. Hu Jiquan ---the secretary of Yongchuan District ---made brief introduction about the investment environment and policies of Yongchuan District, and the Gang Qiao Industry Zone of Yongchuan district signed an authorized investment promotion agreement with Die Casting China.

The summit creates many heights in the history of die-casting conference, such as the original speeches, rich contents and so many elites participating. The summit breaks the limitation that previous industrial meetings are tedious and mannered, emphasizes contents setting, selects excellent topics, respects the diversified cultural background, aims at future, and presents basic development features of global die casting industry in a new way and from integrated angles and all-round direction.

In less than 10 years, this U.S. die casting industry has lost 25% of its com¬panies and 35% of its machines. The die casting industry will continue to consolidate through 2010. Private companies will lose asset lever¬age, and the banks will stop lending. Capacity will shrink another 10%. Survived die casting companies will start to recover faster as orders increase in the second half of 2010.  The U.S continues to implement newer technologies that keep it as one of the top producers of high strength castings with intricate designs.  After U.S. die casting industry has recovered from this latest economic recession, it will be stronger and more viable than ever before.

The growth rate of Indian production and consumption is expected to be the highest in the world over the next five years. By 2015-2016, The production is expected to be double of  today’s production. This portends a real and good growth for the die casting industry.

The rapid development of Chinese die-casting industry has attracted the attention all over the world. With the tendency of global low-carbon economy, the policy in the transition of domestic economic development has been settled. The tax rebate of some energy products is cancelled since July 15, 2010. As 2010 is the last year of the 11th Five-Year Plan, what kind of policies will Chinese government make to realize the energy-saving and emission reduction? What will be the effect of the policies on die casting industry? How to balance the production and the environmental protection? Will the product quality be ensured due to the soaring new orders?  As the foreign business increase the investment and build new factories in China, the Chinese enterprises must be concerned about how to improve the soft power and how to compete with the foreign counterparts internationally?

With the global economic integration, the summit is held in good time and has given attendees a glimpse of the updated industrial news and technical information all over the world. The die-casting players will find the common, expand the outlook horizon, and gain insight into the tendency of global die-casting industry, and store energy to meet the challenges in the process of development.

The success of the summit indicates that China, afterwards Japan, will lead Asian die casting industry, plays more and more important role in the arena of global die casting industry, and declares that China will leap roadblocks from big die casting industrial country to a powerful one. Simultaneously, it promotes the communication and cooperation among the associations of worldwide die-casting industry, being a successful case for discussion and collective communication among the die-casting players, opening a window of leading the Chinese die-casting industry to know more about the world, and providing an opportunity for foreign counterparts to recognize Chinese die-casting industry afresh.

CIDCC 2010 Event Speakers

Current Status of Chinese Die Casting Industry
Mr.Song Lianzhu, Secretary General of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association

State of North American Die Casting Industry
Daniel Twarog, President of North American Die Casting Association

The Development Tendency of Lightweight & New Energy on the requirements of the auto parts
Chen Yilong, Director of Material Branch of China Automobile Engineering Society

An update of the Die Casting Industry in the Southern China                      
Keung Wing Ching, Permanenet Honorary Chairman Hongkong Diecasting and Foundry Association

The 40-year-experience sharing of MMR
Feng Jiutu, Chairman of Dongguan Modern Metal Precision Die Casting Co.,Ltd

Die Casting in India
Mr.R.T.Kulkarni, Aluminium Caster’s Association of India

Recent Development for Zinc Die Castings in Automotive Applications
Joseph Annetts, Technical Consultant of International Zinc Association

Status and Tendency of Japanese Industrial Furnace Under the Low-carbon Economy  
Mr. 冈田民雄, President of Japan Nippon Crucible Co.,Ltd

The Development Direction of Chinese Die Casting Machine
Mr.Liu Xiangshang, Founder of L.K.Group

Market of Magnesium Alloy Diecastings in Chinese Auto Industry Shown From the Experience of Shanghai Meridian Magnesium Products Co.,Ltd
Mr.Zhang Liqun, General Manager of Shanghai Meridian Magnesium Products Co.,Ltd

The Market Analysis on the Aluminium Alloy in Chinese Die Casting Industry
Li Hongwei, Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Sigma Metals.Inc

Current Status and Technology Trend of Korea Diecasting Industry
Eok-Soo Kim, Chief Director of Korea Diecasting Industry Cooperative

SSR Global Solution for Advanced Castings
Mr.Robert Boni, Technical Director of IDRA S.R.L.

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